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ADH 20t-50t Auger Drilling Bits

Spiral power head is one of the common power head types of pile machine (rotary excavator).







Spiral power head is one of the common power head types of pile machine (rotary excavator). The interaction force between drill teeth and geotechnical engineering is similar to that of single-bucket drill bits, which will not be described here. The following key points discuss the standard of tooth arrangement of spiral power head and the design scheme rules in the field of precise positioning guided by pile machine bit during drilling.

In order to achieve better drilling effect, the standard of tooth arrangement of conical spiral power head should take into account the beneficial drilling teeth to crush geotechnical engineering and the main physical and mechanical characteristics of geotechnical engineering. Double-headed single-screw bits have relatively little tooth arrangement and generally drill into loose gravel beds, especially large geological structures and regolith rock beds. Because the double head single screw bit blade spacing is relatively large, in the whole process of drilling coal rock, stone and gravel is easy to explode out of the hole, must be carried out with a sand bailer slag, generally spiral drill, sand bailer replacement. The spiral bit is usually used to smash or stir up the bottom of the hole in a highly weathered or cohesive gravel layer. The double-head twin-screw bit is double-cone tooth, and the total number of tooth is 1.5~2 times of the double-head single screw bit. Generally applicable to the regolith rock layer and small gravel layer. Double drilling at the same time, stable and effective.

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