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About definition and main use: high torque hydraulic motor

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About definition and main use: high torque hydraulic motor

The definition of hydraulic motor and its main uses:

Hydraulic motor is a kind of implementation of hydraulic components, it will be brought by the hydraulic pump liquid pressure energy into its output shaft mechanical kinetic energy (distance and speed ratio). Hydraulic motor can also be called oil motor, key applications in injection molding machinery and equipment, ships, winch, construction machinery and equipment, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, ship parts, petrochemical equipment and port cranes and so on.

In the late 1950s of the 19th century, the first low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor was developed from the development trend of a fixed rotor component of a GM hydraulic motor gasoline pump, which consists of an inner gear ring and a matching transmission gear or rotor. The inner ring is fixed with the housing and the oil from the oil hole promotes the rotation of the rotor around a fixed point. The sluggishly rotating rotor is converted into a wheel-line hydraulic motor according to the output driven by the gear shaft. After the emergence of this kind of first wheel-wire motor, through decades of evolution, another definition of motor also began to emerge gradually. This type of motor is fitted with rollers in an embedded gear ring. The motor with roller can give higher operation and servo hydraulic motor operation torque, roller reduces friction, so improve the work efficiency, even in a very low number of revolutions output shaft can also cause the pump car hydraulic motor smooth output. Change the orientation of the total I/O flow to make the motor quickly change phase and cause equal useable torque in both directions. Each series of motors is based on a variety of displacement options, and to achieve a variety of speed and torque specifications.

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