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Ninbo Xincan hydraulic transmission Co., Ltd. is one of the professional hydraulic motor manufacturers in China. The factory covers an area of 2000 square meters. The company has a group of years engaged in hydraulic motor production, management, technical personnel, with many years of practical experience in the production of hydraulic products.

The company mainly produces hydraulic motor, hydraulic transmission device, hydraulic rotary device, hydraulic winch, high-speed walking, high-speed rotary device, reducer, auger power head series of products. Products are used in mining machinery, engineering machinery, mining tunneling machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, metallurgical equipment, petroleum machinery, ship deck machinery, machine tools, plastic machinery and geological drilling equipment, etc. The company has complete equipment, perfect detection means, a variety of imported ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools, professional processing machine tools, machining centers, special CNC grinding machines, etc.

The company to "there is no best only better" for the concept, ambition when the industry pioneer. The company will provide quality products and comfortable service, is willing to work with you to create a better future!
Our Value


We are focused on the quality of our people, our products, and our processes.


Our company culture is based on trust in each other, built on honest and transparent communication, consistent processes, and fair collaboration.


We acknowledge our responsibility for results and resources, and for our decisions. Our commitment exceeds the expectations of our customers and colleagues.


We had a high quality R&D and manufacture team
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