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Analysis and solution of common faults of rotary hydraulic motor of excavator

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Analysis and solution of common faults of rotary hydraulic motor of excavator

Hydraulic machine motor is the actuator, built at the end of the hydraulic transmission system, is to convert the hydraulic machine into mechanical energy, so that the service platform rotation. The hydraulic motor with radial plunger point contact ratio is selected for this motor.

1. Condition: the rotation rate of the service platform is less than 6r/min during working

2, the root cause: hydraulic motor and axial piston pump structural characteristics and the principle of the basic consistency. XSM4 series hydraulic motor axial piston pump is based on oil removal and pressure oil to form the driving force, that is, the mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy. And the hydraulic motor into the high working pressure oil, the discharge is low working pressure oil, the liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy. Because of this, the hydraulic motor is essentially equal to the composition of several double cylinder plunger hydraulic cylinder, that is, several XSM6 series hydraulic motor unilateral hydraulic cylinder is distributed in the circumference, the outer edge of the plunger top in the swash plate. When the gasoline pump gives the working pressure oil to the hydraulic cylinder, the plunger extends under the effect of the pressure oil, and drops on the swash plate, thus causing a rotation distance, the gasoline pump continuously gives the working pressure oil to the hydraulic motor, and the hydraulic motor continuously rotates. And according to the transmission gear box to make the final transmission gear and window frame fixed inner gear teeth and promote the rotation of the service platform.

It is known from above that the structure and principle of the hydraulic motor is basically the same as the principle of the aforementioned hydraulic cylinder. If the common failure of the hydraulic motor with slow rotation rate occurs, its analysis, diagnosis and clearance are similar to the hydraulic cylinder and axial piston pump of the working equipment, so it will not be described again. Please refer to the above when analyzing, diagnosing and removing the common faults of hydraulic motors.

Two, hydraulic machine motor "climb"

1. Condition: When the service platform rotates, it stops and moves suddenly, that is, the rotation does not last. Slow speed, low energy, etc.

2, the root cause: hydraulic machine motor is a heat transfer equipment, that is, input liquid pressure can transform mechanical energy export, if not considering XSM5 series hydraulic motor itself high efficiency, should be the kinetic energy input is equivalent to export. Because of this, the weak rotation of the hydraulic motor must be a reduction in the heat input of the hydraulic motor. When the kinetic energy is difficult to overcome the rotation obstruction of the service platform, the rotation stop occurs.

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