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Analysis of orbital motor application standards?

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Analysis of orbital motor application standards?

One, cycloid hydraulic motor work standard

1. The load and speed ratio of the motor should not exceed the maximum value required by the technical parameter table.

2, temperature category: -20℃~80℃, all normal temperature: 30℃~60℃

3. Selection with cooking oil: the viscosity of the motor is 37~73 centistokes in normal operation standard (high working pressure, high rotational speed ratio).

4, air filter element: in the cycloid hydraulic motor pump oil road installation of oil and water separator precision is not less than 30μm filter element.

5. When the transmission gear, sprocket chain, belt plate and roller are immediately connected on the input and output shaft of the motor, they shall not exceed the allowable tangential load of 800KG and radial load of 300KG on the output shaft.

Two, cycloid hydraulic motor installation common problems

1. See the drawing for appearance design and installation.

2. When installing, the slot should be positioned accurately to ensure parallelism.

3, the installation of cycloid hydraulic motor to carefully clean the pipeline, the pipeline can not be hot bending machine and welding welding. The diameter of the inlet and outlet pipelines should be selected with the oil flow rate in the pipelines not exceeding 5 m/s.

4. Copper pad or aluminum pad should be used for the oil hole connector, and the tightening torque is 16±1KG m.

Three, cycloid hydraulic motor operation common problems

1. Check whether all components of the hydraulic transmission system are properly connected before operation, and add the oil to a specific relative height according to the filter element.

2. Start running for 10 to 15 minutes without load, and carry out the exhaust pipe and fuel tank with foam plastic, the system software with noise, and the cycloid hydraulic motor hydraulic cylinder with hysteresis all confirm that there is gas in the system.

3. After removing the gas of XSM series swing cylinder motor, fill up the oil tank, and then gradually increase the load of the motor until the high load, and observe whether there are abnormal conditions, such as noise, oil rise and oil seepage, etc.

4. Replace the oil once according to the operation time of 50 hours, and then remove and replace according to the maintenance standard.

5, such as non-cycloid hydraulic motor common faults, please do not disassemble.

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