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Definition of a reducer associated with a rotary hydraulic motor

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Definition of a reducer associated with a rotary hydraulic motor

Reducer as a driving motor equipment, according to the transmission gear speed conversion to achieve the motor speed ratio to adjust to the required speed ratio. Therefore, the use of reducer from the scope of travel tools to construction machinery, from the common clock household appliances in daily life to the factory in the automatic production machinery and equipment, agricultural hydraulic motor basically any gear transmission system software must be applied reducer. It is also because of the use of reducer is very common, so according to the specific use of the needs of the product developed by the type is very rich and colorful, walking reducer is to comply with the unique needs of the small size of the reducer.

The volume of the walking reducer is small, so the equipment and design scheme inside is also very high precision and tight. Relative to the large size of the reducer, it is more difficult for the walking reducer to complete the same reducer. Because the reducer is based on electric energy as the controller, to make the volume of the reducer smaller on behalf of the motor inside the reducer to design more concise, delicate. However, the motor manufactured in China due to the demand of the Chinese sales market, the motor developed from the appearance of the volume is very large. Compared with overseas large and medium-sized motors, small low-speed hydraulic motors consume more raw materials and have higher product costs. Because of the motor, the volume of the reducer is bound to be larger. Because the design of the walking reducer is more precise, the sliding friction caused by the transmission gear in the operation process is higher, and the wetting becomes the core problem of the bidirectional hydraulic motor in the operation process. At present, the scientific research of this industry has been deeply carried out, and it is firmly believed that with the continuous improvement of design solutions, this problem will be completely eliminated.

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