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Diagnose and exclude low speed high torque hydraulic motor climbing condition

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Diagnose and exclude low speed high torque hydraulic motor climbing condition

If the hydraulic cylinder of the equipment in the work of the hydraulic press is also in the condition of "climbing", and the fault is in part of the total oil channel of the hydraulic transmission system, the diagnosis should be carried out according to the above diagnosis method of slow lifting of the first part of the arm hydraulic cylinder, the key to check the cavitation, find out the reason and treatment.

If all is normal in the work of the arm hydraulic cylinder of the equipment, the fault of "climbing" of the hydraulic motor should be at the tail end of the hydraulic motor and the transmission system, that is, the gear box of XWM6 series hydraulic motor mechanical equipment and part of the wheel of the service platform.

(1) Inspection of hydraulic motor safety valve

Test the safety valve under the motor control valve of hydraulic press. Unscrew the safety valve cap, rotate the adjusting screw plug with the inner six-way wrench, and change the working pressure 2.345mpa for each rotation. Therefore, the barometer test should be 9.8mpa. If less than 9.8mpa, it indicates that the "crawling" fault is caused by the setting of the hydraulic motor working pressure is too low.

(2) Check the hydraulic pressure motor and gear drive part. If the working pressure of the hydraulic motor safety valve control accuracy is 9.8MPs, it indicates that "climbing" is a part of the mechanical equipment friction friction resistance of the hydraulic motor to the rotating service platform is too large.

Touch the housing of the hydraulic motor by hand, if there is a hot feeling, it shows that the friction force of XWM2 series hydraulic motor is too large, which proves that it is caused by the fault of "crawling", and should be eliminated.

If the temperature of the hydraulic motor is normal, you can use the temperature of the hand mold gearbox and wheel, or observe the wetting condition. If the touch has a high temperature position, and the wetting is also very poor, it shows that most of the fault is due to "climbing", that is, XWM3 series hydraulic motor friction friction resistance is too large, should be eliminated.

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