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Difference: rotary hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump

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Difference: rotary hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump

Hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump difference

Hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump, are relying on the volume change of sealing work for mechanical energy conversion, the same with the flow distribution mechanism. Under the action of the hydraulic motor input high pressure liquid, the liquid inlet cavity is enlarged by a small, and the rotation of the prefabricated components lead to torsion, in order to solve the load resistance torsion, rotation; In addition, the motor cavity from large to small, to the car oil tank or pump suction pipe mouth liquid, pressure reduction. The high pressure liquid continuously enters from the liquid leakage of the hydraulic motor and is discharged from the liquid return port, so the motor rotor of the hydraulic motor continues to rotate and expand the opening to do work.

Theoretically, except for the hydraulic pump with valve type flow distribution, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor of other methods have common characteristics, hydraulic synchronous motor can be used mutually. In fact, due to the performance parameters and requirements are not the same, the same form of pump and motor structure types are still different, hydraulic motor price is reasonable.

(1) The hydraulic motor is the input of liquid with pressure to promote its rotation, so as far as possible to ensure the initial sealing, without the need for self-suction type ability. And the hydraulic pump generally as far as possible with self-priming capacity.

(2) The hydraulic motor should be able to reverse rotation, so the internal structure of the hydraulic transmission system equipment of WK series products should be symmetrical as far as possible. Hydraulic pumps are generally one-sided rotation, structure types generally do not have this limitation.

(3) the hydraulic motor transmission ratio range is very large, especially when the hydraulic motor principle speed comparison is low, very piston pump hydraulic motor should be able to ensure all normal work, so should use needle roller bearings or negative pressure roller bearings; If air pressure roller bearings are used, it is not easy to cause lubrication film. The hydraulic pump speed ratio is very high, the general change is small, there is no such requirement.

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