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Do not know the orbital motor operation precautions? Look here!

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Do not know the orbital motor operation precautions? Look here!

As everybody knows, cycloid hydraulic motor popular point is the internal gear with shell fixed connection, from oil Kong Jin to promote motor rotor spinning around an anchor point, in order to better faster machinery and equipment, the application of the XSM3 series hydraulic motor guys must also know some matters needing attention of operation, if everyone isn't very master in the matter, So don't worry, because the authoritative experts behind you to share the cycloid hydraulic motor operation matters needing attention.

Before operation, check whether all components of the hydraulic system are properly connected, and add oil to a specific height according to XSM2 series hydraulic motor filter elements

One, cycloid liquid pressure motor operation precautions:

1. Check whether all components of the hydraulic system are properly connected before operation, and add the oil to a specific height according to the filter element.

2. Start running for 10 to 15 minutes without load, and carry out the exhaust pipe and fuel tank with foam plastic, system software with noise, and the motor hydraulic cylinder with hysteresis confirm that there is gas in the system.

3. After removing the gas, fill the oil tank, and then gradually lift the load to the motor until it is loaded for a long time. Check whether there are abnormal conditions, such as noise, oil rise and oil seepage.

4. Remove and change the oil once according to the operation time of 50 hours, and then remove and change according to the maintenance standard.

5, if the motor is not common fault, please do not disassemble.

Two, the advantages of cycloid liquid pressure motor:

1. Small in size and light in weight, its size is much smaller than other kinds of oil motors with the same torque.

2, speed ratio coverage is wide, can be infinitely variable speed, low and stable speed ratio can reach 15 RPM, XSM4 series hydraulic motor layout is convenient, low project investment cost.

3, in the hydraulic system can be connected to the application, also can be connected to the application.

4, rotary inertia force is small, it is very easy to start under load, positive and negative can be applied, and there is no need to shut down when switching.

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