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Do well in these aspects to maintain the good characteristics of orbital motor is not a problem

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Do well in these aspects to maintain the good characteristics of orbital motor is not a problem

Proper installation?

1. The installation of cycloid hydraulic motor fixed fixed rubber bearing should have sufficient bending stiffness. When the operating system has the effect of working pressure, do not allow the motor to vibrate, that is very easy to damage the motor. The input and output shafts of the motor shall be coaxial with the axis of the connected coupling.

2. When the motor inlet and return oil is seamless steel pipe, the internal stress of the pipe should be eliminated. XSM7 series hydraulic motor does not allow the pipe to have mutual force effect on the motor. When connecting the drain pipe, the friction resistance of oil return should be below 0.3mpa. Connect the oil box independently and do not connect with other oil return pipes. If the friction resistance of oil return (back pressure type) is too high, the process characteristics of the motor will be affected.

3.XSM5 series hydraulic motor installation end before running, from the two oil ports to the motor housing filled with clean gear oil. Rotate the output shaft, if no abnormality can be installed computer. The tangential load carried by the output shaft of the motor should not exceed the standard value, otherwise it may endanger the stability of the motor and reduce its service life. When the motor is put into operation for 200h or so, the oil should be changed and the oil separator should be cleaned.

Fair use?

1. In the case of interrupted work, the motor shall not operate for more than 10% of the time per minute. Higher working temperature 80℃. There should be run-in time before the motor works at full load. It is strongly recommended that the run-in period be 1 hour under 30% of the relatively large working pressure.

2. The intermittent working pressure of the cycloid hydraulic motor refers to the large allowable working pressure of the motor inlet, and the continuous working pressure refers to the pressure difference between the inlet and the oil return port. It is not allowed to use the motor under relatively high speed ratio and high working pressure at the same time.

3. Cycloid hydraulic motor selection of shaft sealing parts, generally can bear high working pressure, but XSM6 series hydraulic motor in order to get good service life and overall physical properties, it is highly recommended application back pressure type no more than 5 mpa, beyond the proposals leaked oil pipe, joint leaks oil pipeline, should ensure that the motor is always filled with oil. In addition to maintaining a lower back pressure type, the leakage pipeline can also bring the damage and pollution caused by the motor inside, and can cause the corresponding cooling effect.

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