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Excavator walking device, and high torque hydraulic motor related

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Excavator walking device, and high torque hydraulic motor related

Hydraulic excavator walking device

Because the walking device has both the support and operation of the hydraulic excavator, the walking device of the hydraulic excavator should achieve the following provisions as far as possible:

(1) There should be a relatively large driving force, so that the excavator has excellent performance according to the performance, uphill performance and the performance of the deceleration hydraulic motor when walking on the sticky or uneven road surface.

(2) Under the condition of not expanding the relative height of the walking device, the excavator has a large gap from the ground to enhance the performance of the off-road SUV on the uneven road surface.

(3) The walking device has a large total area of support points or a small hydraulic motor torque grounding device specific pressure, to improve the reliability of the excavator.

(4) When the excavator slides down the steep slope, it does not produce descent and overspeed sliding slope condition, so as to improve the safety factor of the excavator.

(5) The size of the walking device should conform to the provisions of transportation.

The walking device of hydraulic excavator can be divided into crawler and crawler type according to the structure of hydraulic pump and motor.

Crawler TYPE ICBC device is characterized by large driving force (generally each crawler driving force can reach 35%-45% of the machine weight), small specific pressure (40-150kpa), so the cross-country SUV performance and good stability performance, climbing performance (generally 50%-80%, the larger can reach all), and the road turning radius is small, good coordination. Crawler walking device is widely used in hydraulic excavator.

However, the crawler walking device has high manufacturing cost, low operation rate, high output power consumption during operation and conversion, and fast parts damage. Therefore, the excavator needs to rely on other transport vehicles when it operates at a distance.

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