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High torque hydraulic motor crusher technology

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High torque hydraulic motor crusher technology

Crusher equipment according to the structure can be divided into: biaxial crusher, single shaft shredder, four axis biaxial crusher motor characteristics, hydraulic drive system can be applied to manufacturing scrap car body, car body, MOS rail, old furniture, bicycles, cars, empty cans and other metal materials, can also be torn tires, tons of bags, plastic film, wood and other raw materials, is good for transport and storage.

Shredding machine equipment use low gear shift two axis or two axis rotation, the application of machine tool spindle cut, cut, tear, connecting the turbo speed reducer, immediately installed on the drive shaft, hydraulic pump motor drive system on the basis of speed reducer gear to the driven shaft, XSM2 series hydraulic motor is the knife on the drive shaft with the in situ fixed on the casing relative speed spindle. The spiral tooth cutter plate on the spindle bearing of the machine tool is stacked and arranged, and the driving force of the motor of the hydraulic transmission system makes the raw material enter, in addition, it is squeezed, torn and cut, so that the raw material is broken.

All machinery and equipment include: a network server, a complete motor, a reducer, a central auxiliary control machine and equipment, feed transport, feed transport, dry magnetic separator. High quality machine tool spindles are made of different abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant raw materials, which have undergone several precision machining and heat treatment. They can be disassembled, grinded and replaced. High torque, low transmission ratio, selection of oil motor control and general motor start, configuration can be selected according to customer investment project specifications and automation technology strength. XSM4 series hydraulic motor has material opening machine equipment, can not break the system configuration of small block knife plate will automatically rotate after operation. All machines and equipment blade quality at least three years of service.

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