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High torque hydraulic motor Operating instructions and frequently asked questions

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High torque hydraulic motor Operating instructions and frequently asked questions

Hydraulic motor instruction manual and common problems:

Hydraulic motor is a high precision hydraulic system, customers need to operate properly according to its operation method and safe operation rules when using, and immediately carry out maintenance.

1. Before installation, check whether the motor is damaged and whether the output shaft is convenient. If the motor is stored for too long, the motor running memory oil should be cleaned first to prevent the internal motion pairs from sticking. Strictly ensure the cleanliness of the oil port, do not allow all liquid dirty things into.

2. Hydraulic motor can be installed at will, but the installation support must have sufficient stiffness of hydraulic steering motor; Hydraulic motor and load should be connected with the coaxial line, to ensure that the two with good mutual, not allowed to knock the output shaft; The output shaft can bear certain axial and radial forces, but should be prevented, otherwise it will reduce service life.

3. The oil pipeline of the oil drain port should be connected to the oil tank independently to ensure smooth pipeline, and the hydrostatic motor should ensure that the oil drain port is above the straight line of the shaft. The larger water part of the drainage pipeline should be higher than the larger level part of the motor shell to avoid exhausting the hydraulic oil in the motor shell body; The pressure in the hydraulic motor shell can not exceed 0.1mpa, when the motor shell body pressure exceeds 0.1mpa to contact the enterprise to discuss.

4. Before initial starting, the hydraulic motor housing should be filled with gear oil, and the pressure of the speed regulating valve of the oil pipeline provided should be adjusted to the low limit, and slowly adjusted to the required pressure after operation.

5. When the hydraulic motor runs continuously for a long time, the application pressure is proposed to reduce the rated pressure by more than 25%; Intermittent operation, self-made hydraulic motor application pressure shall not exceed the rated pressure, instantaneous large value pressure shall not exceed the motor required pressure.

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