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High torque hydraulic motor unique

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High torque hydraulic motor unique

The most important difference between hydraulic motor and motor depends on the driving force comes from different sources. The heat source of hydraulic motor is the pressure potential of grease, and the heat source of motor is the electric potential energy.

When the piston pump hydraulic motor is used, we often encounter different problems, because the operating environment of the hydraulic motor is unique, and the application of it has six unique points that must be paid special attention to.

First, when it is necessary to start the application with full load, it should be noted that the starting torque of the hydraulic motor of the excavator is short. Because the hydraulic motor starting torque is shorter than the rated torque, if ignored, may make the organization can not run in the work.

Second, because the back pressure of the hydraulic motor is higher than the atmospheric pressure, the drainage pipes of the swinging hydraulic motor motor need to be independently led back to the oil tank of the car, and can not be connected to the hydraulic motor return pipe line. How to reduce the loss of hydraulic motor throughout the application process

Three, because the hydraulic motor will always leak, so the hydraulic motor into and out of the entrance to start braking, it will still appear slow movement. When prolonged braking is necessary, brakes should be set to avoid rotation.

Four, when the inertia force of the pushed parts is large (the inertia torque is large or the speed ratio is high), if the specified short term to do the braking or example, smooth running, the hydraulic motor of the drill should set the valve (cache valve) in the oil return channel, in order to avoid the occurrence of large impact of the hydraulic press and lead to the destruction of safety accidents.

Five, when the hydraulic motor is used as the driving force of lifting or moving equipment, the speed limit valve must be set to avoid the rapid descent of lifting objects or the car and other lifting mechanism when overspeed driving, resulting in major accidents

Six, the application of quantitative analysis of the motor, if the starting and parking stability is expected, it should choose the necessary working pressure control or flow monitoring mode in the control loop design scheme.

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