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How can I ensure that all rotary hydraulic motors are running properly

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How can I ensure that all rotary hydraulic motors are running properly

In order to avoid the rotary hydraulic motor output gear shaft, gear shaft of rotary hydraulic motor output of fastening devices to carry out the improvement, the improved equipment, namely in the output gear shaft spline shaft under production and processing of a male, plus round nut again when installing 2, 3, and check back sealing ring with a round nut to adjust two affairs of cone roller bearing bearing radial clearance. Through the above improvement, the selected rotary hydraulic motor structure comparison, has the following advantages:

1, fastening equipment reliable, not easy to produce loose condition.

2. Increase the radial spacing between the two bearings. Because the rotary support of the rotary hydraulic motor depends on the key two bearings to support, the expansion of the two bearings interval can improve the rotary reliability and bearing capacity of the rotary hydraulic motor. The radial gap between two bearings is adjusted by round nut, which is convenient and reliable. To ensure the normal operation of the rotary hydraulic motor.

3. Simple structure, and the external thread below the spline shaft of the output gear shaft is carried out in the production and processing of the output gear shaft, and the parallelism of the two parts is ensured. CA70 series hydraulic motors use standard round nuts to ensure that the output gear shaft and bearing and side frame rotate together, so it is easy to manufacture and install.

4. Long service life. The improved fastening equipment has been in use for more than 2 years and has not detected the common failure of the reducer caused by the drop of the output gear shaft.

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