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How to improve the orbital motor speed? Here are a few good suggestions!

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How to improve the orbital motor speed? Here are a few good suggestions!

As is well known, the inner gear is fixed to the housing, and the oil entering from the oil hole promotes the rotation of the rotor around a fixed point. This kind of slow rotating rotor is called cycloid hydraulic motor according to the output driven by the gear shaft. Oil motor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, wide speed coverage, infinitely variable speed, low and stable speed up to 15 RPM, convenient installation layout, low project investment cost. Here is how to improve the cycloid hydraulic motor speed.

A good way to improve the speed of cycloid hydraulic motor:

Increase the total flow of course can improve the speed, but more or less will directly affect the cycloid hydraulic motor life. But if it is at its maximum power within the category of words is no problem, if the steam pressure to do the rating work pressure, increase the speed comes just beyond it can bear on the output power of the category, the nature of the service life of cycloid hydraulic motor has certain harm, like eat so many are unwilling to eat, the result is the stomach bad to hang on.

Only improve traffic effectively improve the speed of 500 to 900, then proposed to replace XWM6 series hydraulic motor models specifications of the motor, cycloid hydraulic motor traffic to some level, it is not easy to speed the endless rise, internal structure of steam pressure rise, expand inside leaking, which reduces the efficiency immediately, or motor damage.

The cycloid hydraulic motor is right and wrong how can the rotor pair flip, the rotor is right, is the relative position of the rotor and the plate is wrong, cycloid hydraulic motor is divided into shaft distribution and inner hole distribution two. On the spindle of the machine tool, you can make a mark on the bearing end cover against an oil groove, against the smaller sealing cavity of the stator pair of the rotary motor, try it, if you miss another tooth for the reversal. The flow distribution method of the inner hole is the flow plate. According to the connection of the flow distribution shaft and the rotor, the motor stator pair is installed, and the deep part of the closed cavity is accurately measured. If the clockwise cavity of the smaller sealing cavity is deeper than the cavity in the opposite direction, it is positive, and the opposite is reversed.

The deep layer is the sum of rotor stator, baffle plate and flow plate. The primary reason is the valve plate. In general, when the side of the valve plate enters liquid, the clockwise side of the cavity (high pressure cavity) leading to the smaller sealing cavity of the stator of the rotary motor is positive rotation.

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