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Hydraulic transmission system debugging and orbital motor test run

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Hydraulic transmission system debugging and orbital motor test run

Hydraulic transmission system debugging and cycloid hydraulic motor test run

The commissioning of hydraulic transmission system should be carried out after the corresponding civil engineering, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, instrument panel and safety precautions and other engineering projects have been determined to have trial operation standards. System software debugging should generally be carried out according to the order of pump station debugging, system software pressure debugging and the implementation of component rate debugging, and should cooperate with the single component debugging of mechanical equipment, single version debugging, regional linkage, generator set linkage debugging order.

(1) Pump station debugging

Operation of hydraulic pump, liquid (liquid) pressure should conform to the requirements of the use instructions; Pump inlet temperature shall not exceed 60℃, and shall not be less than 15℃; The filter device of the hydraulic motor of the crane cannot absorb gas. First, run at a high speed of 10~20min, and then adjust the relief valve (or pressure reducing valve) and slowly shift the pressure (3-5mpa for each block, 10min for each block) to the relief valve adjustment value. The system software outlet should be opened several times in the transformer to remove the gas. Pump station commissioning should be carried out after 2 hours of operation under pressure. The pump body temperature shall not exceed 70℃, and the fusion surface of the pump motor shaft and pump shell shall have no oil seepage and abnormal noise and vibration; If it is a variable piston pump, the adjustment equipment should be reliable.

(2) Pressure debugging

The pressure debugging of the system software needs to gradually adjust various pressure valves of each branch control loop from the main relief valve with large pressure setting value. After applying pressure control precision to the hydraulic motor, the screw of the regulating extruder should be clamped tight. Pressure setting values and pressure interlocking operation and data signals shall conform to the design scheme.

(3) Total flow debugging (actuator speed change)

Speed adjustment shall be carried out under all normal operating pressures and all normal operating temperatures; Small hydraulic motors follow the standard of first low gear and then fast. The oil motor should be loose with the working organization before the funds are put into operation. Start at full load, then adjust gradually from low gear to high and pay attention to full exhaust pipe, then reverse direction. At the same time should check the motor housing volume and noise is not normal.

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