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Improve the orbital motor speed ratio

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Improve the orbital motor speed ratio

Increasing the flow rate of course can improve the speed ratio, only more or less will affect the service life of the cycloid hydraulic motor. But if it is within the scope of its larger output power did everything is all right, if the steam pressure exceeds the pressure rated current, and the speed more than words more than it can bear the scope of power, of course, the use of cycloid hydraulic motor deadline has certain harm, like XWM2 series hydraulic motor can't eat so many are unwilling to eat, the result is damage to the stomach to support.

Improve CA70 series hydraulic motor only relatively insufficient increase speed ratio, flow rate of 500 to 900, then suggest change a specification model motor, cycloid hydraulic motor flow increased to a certain level, speed higher than not spoil his wife extravagant, internal steam pressure increases, the drainage expansion, leading to high efficiency reduce immediately, or the motor is damaged.

The cycloid hydraulic motor is right and wrong why the motor rotor pair will rotate, the motor rotor is not wrong, is the relative position of the motor rotor and the plate is wrong, cycloid liquid pressure motor is divided into shaft distribution and internal thread distribution two. On the main shaft bearing of the machine tool, you can make a mark on the bearing end cover against an oil groove, against the sealing cavity of the stator pair of the rotary motor, try it, if the rotation is a wrong tooth. The flow distribution mode of the internal thread is the flow plate, according to the flow distribution shaft and the motor rotor connection, after the motor stator pair is installed, the accurate measurement of the deep sealing cavity is ok, if Z less sealing cavity clockwise than the reverse direction of the cavity depth is positive, and in turn for rotation.

The deep level is the total number of rotor stator, baffle plate and valve plate. The important reason lies in the valve plate. Generally speaking, CA50 series hydraulic motor valve plate side into the liquid, and just extend to the rotating motor stator Z less sealing cavity clockwise side of the cavity (high pressure cavity) is positive.

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