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Its common rotary hydraulic motor fault causes and clearance methods

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Its common rotary hydraulic motor fault causes and clearance methods

The common problems of rotary hydraulic motor are: 

(1) speed reduction, speed is insufficient; 

(2) the output torque is insufficient; 

(3) the hydraulic motor does not turn in circles and is not working; 

(4) The rate is unstable; Motor pump seal oil leakage (exposure).

The common fault causes and clearing methods are as follows:

(1) The speed decreases and the speed is insufficient

valve shaft is damaged, or mutual coordination gap is too large to match flow of hydraulic oil pump motor shaft, when the new structure of large hydraulic motor shaft damage, prompting valve shaft and match the hole (such as valve shell hole) or with fluid gap widened, lead to the leak, pressure oil to the discharge of oil cavity leakage, make into the total flow of plunger pump chamber is greatly reduced, rotation speed reduced. At this time, brush plating on the outer surface of the flow distribution shaft or hard chrome plating repair, the situation is serious and needs to be produced and processed again.

The inner hole of the valve plate is damaged, and the hydraulic motor of the valve plate is used when the groove is pulled. When the inner hole of the valve plate is damaged, especially when the hydraulic motor of the mold is pulled with a deeper groove, the internal leakage is expanded, so that the speed is insufficient; In addition, pressure compensation void tissue failure also contributes to this condition. At this time should be flat grinding or grinding plate hole.

(2) Insufficient output torque

Kill the crankshaft ball hinge pair, don't be strong.

Crankshaft piston pin burned, resulting in mechanical equipment friction.

(3) The hydraulic motor does not turn round, does not work, no pressure oil into the hydraulic motor, or into the hydraulic motor pressure oil pressure is too low, can check the hydraulic servo motor system software pressure is not the reason.

(4) The rate is unstable

① There is no strength in the middle of the fitness exercise parts.

② The total flow of the input is not stable, such as the total flow of the pump changes greatly, it should be checked.

(5) Oil seepage at the motor pump seal (exposed), skeleton seal is stuck, the torsion spring of the lip falls off, or skeleton seal lip is contused.

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