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Knowledge of low speed and high torque hydraulic motor adoption and maintenance

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Knowledge of low speed and high torque hydraulic motor adoption and maintenance

In construction machinery equipment, mining machinery equipment, construction machinery, etc., low speed and high torque hydraulic motor is often used to promote movement or improve organization. Low speed high torque hydraulic motor is rarely radial plunger, most of them are radial plunger, radial piston oil motor can independently balance part or even all the motor rotor of high pressure and low pressure chamber hydraulic press, coupled with this motor specification and quality, so it is characterized by large transmission torque, can output power at low speed. That way, the operating organization can be connected, often without or with a very simple deceleration device, thus optimizing the equipment.

At present, there are many kinds of radial piston type low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motors in factories and mining enterprises. According to its principle and structure form, it can be divided into crankshaft connecting rod type, foundation pile balance type and multi-function effect type of internal curve diagram.

Multi-effect oil motor has the advantages of large transmission torque, small torque pulse, small quality, compact structure and high efficiency in operation. Therefore, it is the most common use of low speed high torque hydraulic motor. Therefore, the multi-effect oil motor is the key to explore the use and maintenance of low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor.

Low speed high torque hydraulic motor in the normal use, we must pay special attention to the following aspects.

1, should ensure that there is sufficient oil return back pressure. The XSM2 series hydraulic motor back pressure shall be the minimum output working pressure to ensure smooth operation of the oil motor at full load. Usually, it should be accompanied by the increase of speed ratio, corresponding to the oil return back pressure value of the lifting motor.

2, the oil motor due to damage or aging of the hydraulic seal sealing is not good and leakage expansion, or mechanical equipment friction is too large, resulting in the total flow of the oil motor is unstable, rotation distance ups and downs, resulting in the occurrence of climbing problems. In operation, it is not necessary to work under the lowest steady speed ratio for a long time. Due to the low speed, the total flow into the motor is less, the proportion of leakage is relatively large, resulting in the reduction of capacity efficiency, resulting in crawling. In general, the lowest smooth speed ratio of multi-effect oil motor can be 0.1r/min~ LR /min.

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