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new user: here is the detailed introduction of orbital motor purchase mode and specifications

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new user: here is the detailed introduction of orbital motor purchase mode and specifications

Cycloid hydraulic motor is widely used, suitable for agriculture and animal husbandry, aquaculture, light industry, lifting transportation, mining, construction machinery and equipment and a variety of mechanical equipment in the rotary organization. The equipment with high quality performance indicators by all fields of love and favor, so everyone on the equipment is a certain amount of familiarity and understanding? If we do not know too much don't worry, we will introduce to us the selection of cycloid hydraulic motor and specifications in detail, let's have a look.

The first thing you need to know your size of the motor used in connection, displacement, also should understand this, otherwise have words can't choose cycloid hydraulic motor, cycloid hydraulic motor through the development trend for so many years, has accumulated a lot of kinds of variety specification connection size, take everybody ZMS series products is concerned, the size of the shaft only there will be 20 varied, There are spline shafts, shaft holes, and finish shafts. Flange and oil port and there are many kinds of, so reasonable selection of connection size, convenient for their own application, but also convenient XSM5 series hydraulic motor manufacturers production. If your equipment is newly developed and designed, I suggest that it is good to put your provisions clearly put forward, let the cycloid hydraulic motor technical engineer to help you choose a large inventory value, common size, such as our Chinese oil port size is generally M22X1.5, M33x2, or G1/2, G1, if you want to think is 1-5/16, This is very difficult to do, if the manufacturer just has the size of the line, if not, customized words will be troublesome, not only the construction period is long, and the price is high. Sometimes friends must repair parts, because the motor with long time, id card is lost, there are some manufacturers in order to better maintain the patent right, or deliberately not dozen sign, that how to buy, first you must put the cycloid hydraulic motor away from the equipment, then to be measured accurately his connection size, contains the size of the shaft, the size of the flange and the size of the oil outlet. The size of the shaft includes the diameter of the shaft, spline shaft or single key, length and length of these, flange size includes the total number of anchor bolt holes, spacing, notch size. The size of the oil port is more difficult to accurately measure, measure the size of the nominal diameter of the external thread, and then convert to the standard size of the external thread.

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