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Orbital Motor Classification

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Orbital Motor Classification

Cycloid hydraulic motor can be divided into fast hydraulic motor and low speed hydraulic motor according to speed classification. Fast hydraulic motor has A2F series of products hydraulic motor, transmission gear hydraulic motor and leaf hydraulic motor. High speed hydraulic motor generally available speed is relatively high, generally operate in 800-3000r/min, some or even higher, fast motor displacement is relatively small, generally in several hundred mL/ RPM, so the torque output of the ship hydraulic motor is relatively small. Low gears have a crankshaft connecting rod hydraulic motor with high torque type axial piston hydraulic motor (five-star) motor, engine crankshaft oil cylinder type axial piston motor (five-star motor), the curve ball plug type hydraulic motor (ball bearing motor), cycloid hydraulic motor, the curve of piston hydraulic motor (hagglund motors, wave crane motor), and other categories. Low-speed hydraulic motors are generally operated in the following 700r/min, the displacement of this hydraulic motor is very large, the output torque is also very large. The high torque hydraulic motor with low speed has better reliability in low speed. The high displacement hydraulic motor can operate at 5r/min, so the hydraulic starting motor does not need to bring a reducer to complete the low speed. But each type of hydraulic motor has its own unique suitable place, so in the selection of specific manufacturers should carry out technical communication, suitable hydraulic motor model selection is conducive to the whole hydraulic transmission system to ensure.

Hydraulic motor classification according to the structure: transmission gear type, vane type and plunger type several key ways. According to speed ratio, torque category: fast motor and low speed motor. Transmission gear type hydraulic motor structure is simple, low price, common in high-speed rotation, low torque and fitness stability is not too high. Such as axial hydraulic motor to drive grinding equipment, fans, etc. Vane hydraulic motor with small inertia torque, dexterous posture, low capacity and high efficiency, soft mechanical equipment performance, suitable for medium speed, torque is not large, specified operation, commutation often occasions. Radial piston motor capacity high efficiency, large range of regulation, and low speed reliability is good, poor impact resistance, common terms stipulate higher high voltage system software

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