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Orbital motor does not run

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Orbital motor does not run

Cycloid hydraulic motor is at present a variety of mechanical equipment in the operation of the irreplaceable vital part, in the application of cycloid hydraulic motor does not run after the situation, we have to find different game solutions according to different reasons. The first thing to find out the actual cause, rotation weakness, motor leakage, crawling or rotor stuck. Check and clear again according to the actual reason.

Turn the weakness

The reason is: the main valve export working pressure and total flow is not enough or the hydraulic machine motor internal mutually matched parts of the gap expansion.

Inspection and removal method:

(1) Under the condition that the main control loop valve, load valve and other accessories are complete, the inlet pipeline and the motor socket are sealed (no oil seepage), and the large working pressure of the oil channel provided is measured when the motor is forward and overturned; , and then access the motor pipeline to measure the working pressure under load; Then the measured value is compared with the technical standard to judge the location of common faults.

(2) Because the total flow of hydraulic pump of XWM6 series hydraulic motor is not enough or the working pressure is low, the motor power will be reduced, and the rotation distance and speed ratio will be reduced at the same time, so the measurement of the total flow should be carried out at the same time as the measurement of the working pressure.

(3) Check whether the gap between the flow distribution shaft and the rotor hole is in the allowable standard, check whether the rotation axis of the flow distribution shaft and the cylinder head hole is consistent, such as exceeding the specified value should be reassembled. The gap between the distribution shaft and the rotor hole is more than 0.6mm, or the distribution hole in the rotor is pulled along the circumferential groove; When the matching gap between the piston pump and the rotor exceeds 0.05mm, and the matching gap between the roller square shaft and the slide rail exceeds 0.05mm, the low-speed large torsion internal curve motor can not rotate. If two walking motors are different, the track will deviate.

(4) Inclined disc radial piston pump motor, after long-term high-speed operation, the clearance of the rolling bearing supporting the motor shaft will expand, and the radial accurate positioning clearance exceeds the compensation value of the disc large torsion spring; Cylinder head (rotor) and the core flow questioned because accurate positioning rod worthy of 4 pieces of butterfly spring can not be normal to the rotor cylinder pressure to the valve plate (disc spring fatigue limit, elastic falls, in hot dismount danone normal operation, under the hot dish spring deformation increases), which reduces the ability to work with flow, causing the motor running. When the gap between the rotor and the cylinder hole exceeds 0.05mm, or the damage exceeds the standard value, the motor will be weak and slow operation.

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