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Output shaft of rotary hydraulic motor

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Output shaft of rotary hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motor output shaft

In hydraulic motor, the output shaft has the vital function.

To put it bluntly, the output shaft refers to the driving force output of the gearbox. The categories of the output shaft are many and varied, and can often be seen on the CNC lathe. The appearance of the output shaft is also varied, with step type and cone type. Shaft parts are used to support transmission system parts in equipment to complete the driving force. Output shaft is one of the typical shaft parts. The shaft in the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor work must bear a certain impact load and relatively large torque, so this kind of parts should have sufficient wear resistance and torsional compressive strength. Therefore, we must pay attention to the numbering of the heat treatment process in the formulation. Because it is one of the important parts of driving force output. Its production and processing quality of equipment safety factor and reliability are greater harm, hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump design scheme effective production process and special fixture planning scheme, so for the production and processing quality of parts. Productivity. Product cost. Operational security is of major practical significance.

The output shaft of the hydraulic motor is generally divided into 4 kinds: spline shaft (generally as a standard configuration, in the hydraulic motor model specifications); Fade spline shaft (generally indicated by capital letter A); Shaft hole shaft (generally indicated by capital letter B); Inner spline shaft (generally indicated by capital letter A). Cycloid hydraulic motor price must be carefully identified. The selection of hydraulic press oil also needs to be strict. Generally, piston pump hydraulic motors use 46# wear-resistant hydraulic fluids. Wear resistant hydraulic oil grinding hydraulic oil (HM hydraulic oil) is treated with rust prevention. Antioxidant hydraulic oils are basically developed from strong, alkaline and high zinc. Alkalinity, low zinc, neutral, high zinc, ash free and other product series, they are divided into four models according to 40'C viscosity.

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