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Problems and solutions of hydraulic system of high torque hydraulic motor

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Problems and solutions of hydraulic system of high torque hydraulic motor

At present, hydraulic system has been widely familiar with and used in mechanical equipment, textiles, mining, crude oil and mobile machinery and equipment, but sometimes there are three common problems in operation: heat, vibration and leakage. After more than ten years of research and practical experience in the industry, the corresponding solutions are summarized.

1, hot:

Burning in the hydraulic system is a reflection of the hydraulic oil temperature rise, the fundamental reason is that: in the hydraulic oil cylinder hydraulic motor circulation link entities of each part of the flow velocity is different, so will cause the liquid inside certain rolling friction, and at the same time liquid and cavity intermediate will have friction in the pipeline, and lead to the steel ball all hydraulic press hydraulic motor temperature rise.

Treatment measures: hot is the original characteristics of the hydraulic system, there is no way to completely eliminate, only as far as possible to alleviate, hydraulic motor valve block can be applied cost-effective hydraulic oil, high quality pipeline and its three-way joint, hydraulic solenoid valve and so on.

2. Vibration:

Strong vibration will cause incorrect posture of the control system, and will also cause friction and damage to some of the finer instruments and equipment in the system software.

Treatment measures: to prevent sharp turns in the pipeline of hydraulic press, to prevent frequent changes in the direction of liquid flow, if there is no way to prevent should immediately do a good job of shock absorbent measures.

3. Disclosure:

Leaks can generally be divided into internal leaks and external leaks. Internal leaks refer to leaks generated in the middle of system software and environmental factors.

Treatment measures: if leakage can choose good quality hydraulic seals, improve the processing accuracy of facilities.

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