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Rotary hydraulic motor is a combination of hydraulic and mechanical and hydraulic transmission

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Rotary hydraulic motor is a combination of hydraulic and mechanical and hydraulic transmission

Hydraulic and mechanical and hydraulic transmission complex

(1) Serial mode

Series is a more simple and common compound way, is in the output end of the hydraulic motor or hydraulic gearbox and the middle of the drive set mechanical gearbox to expand the swing cylinder hydraulic motor speed of high efficiency area, complete according to the segment of the infinitely variable speed. At present, it is widely used in cutting machines, cooperative harvesters and some special vehicles.

(2) series mode

Is generally referred to "hydraulic machinery power split transmission system", can know to is to use the ball plug hydraulic motor more planets transfer case of playability divides into the car engine output power of the hydraulic and mechanical twin "power flow", rely on hydraulic power flow can be handling, make this double strands of power flow in from infinity when adjusting the rotational speed rate of the total output.

According to its structure, this kind of compound drive system can be divided into two types: one is the use of gear transmission box shunt external shunt, the second type is the use of hydraulic pump or motor motor rotor and chassis between the differential fitness movement shunt internal shunt.

(3) Time-sharing diagram

For the special vehicles with large difference between the working speed and the idle speed of migration in non-working state, the difference between the two working conditions can be effectively achieved by using the traditional mechanical gearbox of the hydraulic motor manufacturer and using the extra hydraulic transmission system to work in low speed. Mechanical - hydraulic time-sharing chart driving has been widely used in this type of vehicle, this technology has also been applied to aircraft deicing vehicles and field transplanters must be "climbing speed" vehicles and machines.

(4) The way of segmentation

The hydraulic motor is immediately installed in the wheel "wheel side hydraulic driving equipment" is a kind of auxiliary hydraulic driving equipment, can deal with the engineering project machinery must improve the characteristics of the traction belt, but can not choose the all-wheel driving mode, can not layout the traditional mechanical transmission system of the problem.

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