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Seven Concrete Mixer Truck Upkeep Pointers

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Seven Concrete Mixer Truck Upkeep Pointers

In order to ensure that your fleet of concrete mixer trucks is properly maintained, do you and the management of your fleet have a clearly defined protocol in place? It may be easy to ignore the infrequent inspection that is required to protect your crew and extend the life of your equipment if the appropriate processes are not in place. This is because frequent inspections are important.We will go over seven of the most important maintenance processes for concrete mixer trucks in this blog post. Although there are a lot of important variables to take into consideration to ensure that nothing is forgotten, we will address seven of the most important procedures. You may also apply these processes to a wide variety of other kinds of trucks that you might be operating.

Begin By Establishing A Written Procedure For Washing Your Truck At The Conclusion Of Each Workday.

Ensuring that operators understand the expectations for routine cleaning is crucial to prolonging the life of any truck in your fleet.

Here are a few standard operating checklist elements for unloading and cleaning vehicles on a daily basis:

1.Verify that your hydraulic system is functioning correctly.

2. Ensure that at the conclusion of each shift, all remote controls are clean.

3. Before unloading, close the truck's rear and the chute.

4. Making wind rows to produce extra goods.

Repeatedly Clean Your Truck With A Concrete Dissolver.

4200 Crawler Type Mixer

Another cleaning method that might assist in removing dried-on concrete from your trucks is to make use of a solution such as Back-Set.The use of this product offers a method of softening cement that is not acidic, is biodegradable, and may be removed by washing.Approximately fifteen minutes after application and sitting, this product begins to soften in a fundamental sense. Following that, you can begin using a brush to remove any excess concrete from your trucks. The foam sprayer that comes with this substance is packaged in a plastic tank, and it is most effective when applied to freshly placed concrete. For further information, please watch this video.

Establish A Procedure For Properly Cleaning Out Your Chute On-Site.

Before leaving a construction site, one of the most important daily maintenance inspections is to make sure that the chute has been cleaned from top to bottom. In addition, it is of the utmost importance to communicate to your crew that this task must be finished before they may return to the road in order to prevent any potential dangers to the drivers.Make sure that you have a written method for doing this, as well as the specific place on the job site where your employees can rinse off once they have been exposed to the water.In light of the fact that many jurisdictions impose fines for contaminating storm drains, you will want to make certain that drivers rinse the chute in accordance with the appropriate technique each and every time.

Attend Maintenance Classes For Concrete Mixer Trucks.

Having service professionals take concrete truck mixer maintenance seminars is one of the finest methods to acquaint your leaders with proper maintenance for your fleet of vehicles.

This kind of full-day maintenance program has been offered by Xincan, one of the biggest truck manufacturers and a division of OshKosh Corporation. It assists in educating a team on a range of important subjects, such as the following:

1. Security

2. Electrical parts

3. Hydraulics

4. A chute and a drum

5. Systems of control

Think Of A Washout System.

The inclusion of a washout system, such as the one manufactured by Xincan, is an additional tool that many owners of mixer trucks utilize to ensure that washouts are easier to complete. Because the hopper, collector, and drum nozzles are controlled by cutoffs located at ground level, this ensures that the whole collection, drip ring, chute, and drum are cleaned.On the condition that you keep this kind of system in good working order and dispose of washout in the suitable manner, it is a good idea to incorporate this stage into your approach in order to guarantee that your trucks are kept clean and in good condition. In the event that you are considering purchasing a new fleet of mixer trucks, this is one of those traits that can be of assistance to drivers during post-trip checks and help them get back on the road a little bit faster.

3700 Four Wheel Drive Mixer

Complete Inspections More Quickly And Simply To Make Data-Driven Preventative Maintenance Possible.

One of the most common problems that arises in connection with automobile inspections is the lack of information that is created and utilized.The Xincan app is utilized by firms operating in this sector for a number of reasons, one of which is that it makes it simpler for operators to carry out routine or sporadic inspections. This eliminates the need for operators to look for paper or forget to turn in inspection forms.In addition to this, this ensures that the information that was acquired may be utilized and acted upon. When it comes to tracking maintenance and establishing preventative maintenance routines, this is especially important when leveraging the platform's fleet maintenance solution.Your fleet would experience a significant gain in both efficiency and safety if your staff had the ability to digitally check the completion of daily inspection items, such as the washout procedure.The digitization of these processes in a logical sequence will enable fleet management stay informed about the inspections that have taken place while also easing the inspection process for operators. This is true regardless of the paper forms or methods that are currently being used.

Use Xincan To Expedite The Inspection Procedure For Your Concrete Trucks.

Maintaining the safety of your drivers and the fleet as a whole is an absolutely necessary responsibility on your part. For this reason, it is vital to have a straightforward and easy-to-implement inspection or maintenance procedure in order to have assurance that these essential duties are carried out and recorded.You can learn more about the Xincan app and how it can assist concrete companies in streamlining their daily pre- and post-trip inspections by going ahead and requesting a demonstration right away.The members of our staff would be happy to demonstrate a few templates that have been customized to your particular use case, as well as the ways in which other Ready-Mix companies have utilized Xincan, and how you can modify everything to meet your individual requirements.

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