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The basic principle of propelling rotary hydraulic motor

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The basic principle of propelling rotary hydraulic motor

The driving principle of hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motor is high pressure oil into low voltage oil out, pump is suction low voltage oil out of high pressure oil.

The driving shaft of the hydraulic motor is connected with the driving shaft of the pump (coaxial axis), which pushes the pump to rotate when the hydraulic motor rotates.

Hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor can carry out radial hydraulic motor reversible work of the hydraulic system, to all a hydraulic pump working liquid, can make it into the hydraulic motor working condition; Conversely, when the spindle bearing of the hydraulic motor rotates from the external torque, it can also become a hydraulic pump condition. Because they share the same main structural factors, closed and cycle time varying capacity and corresponding distribution structure.

There are still many differences between hydraulic motors and pumps of the same kind. Because the working standard of hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump is not the same, the functional requirements of synchronous hydraulic motor are not the same, at the beginning of the hydraulic motor should be positive, flip, so the structure of symmetry; The stability range of hydraulic motor must be sufficiently large, especially the minimum smooth speed ratio must be specified. Therefore, it generally uses roller bearings or negative pressure rolling bearings; The second hydraulic motor is not required to have self-priming capacity because it works under the standard of input working pressure oil, but requires a certain original tightness to give the motor the required torque. Just because the hydraulic system motor has those differences, prompting the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump structure type is very similar, but can not work reversibly. When the inertia force of the pushed parts is large, if it is stipulated that the braking system or reverse and smooth running can be achieved in a short period of time, the valve cache should be set in the oil return channel to avoid the large impact of the hydraulic press resulting in the destruction of safety accidents. In the application of quantitative analysis motor, if you expect to start and parking stability, we should choose the necessary working pressure control or flow monitoring mode in the control loop design scheme.

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