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The housing of the orbital motor is so unique

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The housing of the orbital motor is so unique

The key raw material of cycloid hydraulic motor shell is nodular cast iron. The purpose of nodular cast iron quenching is to get pearlite mechanism, and make crystal optimization and mechanism symmetry, so as to improve the compressive strength, strength and wear resistance of parts, and can be used as the prior heat treatment process of induction quenching. Perhaps many small partners for cycloid hydraulic motor understanding is not very deep, then the following to understand the company just mentioned cycloid hydraulic motor to make ductile iron is what it is.

The ultra-low temperature quenching process is to heat the cycloid hydraulic motor to the eutectoid temperature range, namely 820~860℃, heat insulation 1~4h

(1) High temperature quenching: High temperature quenching process is the XWM1 series hydraulic motor heating to eutectoid temperature range above, generally 900~950℃, heat insulation 1~3h, so that all the base material mechanism of the body, then out of the air cooling, so that it is in the eutectoid temperature range, because of fast cooling and pearlite base material with high silicon content of thin-wall casting parts, should choose air cooling, Or spray refrigeration, to ensure that after quenching can get pearlitic ductile iron.

(2) the ultra-low temperature quenching: ultra-low temperature quenching process is to put the cycloid hydraulic motor heating to the eutectoid temperature range, which is 820 ~ 860 ℃, the heat insulation 1 ~ 4 h, make base material body part of martensite, followed by air cooling after ultra-low temperature quenching microstructure of pearlite, the decentralized nodular cast iron, can improve ductility and plasticity of castings.

Characteristics of cycloid hydraulic motor

This kind of motor is simple in structure, small in size, and can be applied to many places, but the oil distribution organization is very vulnerable to the harm of load, the total flow of the motor is small, low in efficiency, and the ability to work under pressure is weak. When we design the motor, according to the form of lifting tangential rolling bearings, the motor can carry a lot of tangential force, and will not only apply pressure bearings in some foreign enterprises, so that XWM2 series hydraulic motors can use some places with large tangential force.


Because the output shaft and shell oil distribution precision is not high, prompting axial capacity of oil distribution cycloid hydraulic motor efficiency and mechanical energy is less than the plate of oil distribution XSM4 series hydraulic motor, generally offer customers, shaft oil distribution cycloid motor work the application of high pressure not higher than 15 mpa, high voltage output shaft is very easy to grind, and expand the internal structure of leakage.

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