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The selection of gear oil in orbital motor

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The selection of gear oil in orbital motor

The ideal characteristics and service life of cycloid hydraulic motor depend on the gear oil adopted to a large extent. Viscosity is one of the most important performance parameters to consider when selecting gear oil. The selection of viscosity should be considered from beginning to end: the oil must be thin enough to facilitate flow. However, XSM6 series hydraulic motors must be thick enough to facilitate sealing and maintain a layer of oil floating between the rolling bearing and the protruding surface.

(1) Viscosity and temperature

The temperature of oil impairs its viscosity. Generally speaking, the oil becomes thin at high temperature, and its viscosity decreases; On the contrary, when the oil temperature is low, its viscosity increases. It is critical to consider the opening and normal operating temperatures of the hydraulic system when selecting oil. XWM6 series hydraulic motor hydraulic system at the beginning of the operation of the oil is generally thicker. With the operation of the system software, the oil temperature rises up to the temperature at which the refrigeration system starts operating. From this time on, the oil should be maintained at the design temperature of the hydraulic system. In the specific application, such things are changed, because the office environment of the hydraulic system is different from high temperature to ultra-low temperature. The refrigeration system is different from complex and complete to simple, and the external temperature will directly affect the operating temperature of the operating system. It is highly recommended to use 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, and the viscosity is not less than 13cSt under working conditions.

(2) Cleanliness

Cleanliness of oil in hydraulic system is very important. The oil taken by the cycloid hydraulic motor shall maintain ISO cleanliness standard 18/13 based on SAEJ1165, which allows less than 2500 particles with a diameter of more than 5μm and less than 80 particles with a diameter of more than 15μm in 1ml of oil.

(3) maintenance of gear oil

Maintaining viscosity and cleanliness standards is essential for all hydraulic systems. XWM3 series hydraulic motor is widely used, we are unlikely to consider the comprehensive. On - the - spot testing and monitoring are the only way to obtain the accuracy of cleanliness.

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