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The structure and method of hydraulic system: about orbital motor

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The structure and method of hydraulic system: about orbital motor

The composition and way of the hydraulic system: in order to complete a certain type of requirements, the composition of the hydraulic system, called the hydraulic circuit. Hydraulic press loop according to the given use and provisions constitute the overall, called the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system generally consists of three acting parts and auxiliary equipment.

Part of the driving force: hydraulic pump - used to convert mechanical kinetic energy into liquid pressure energy; The accumulator is sometimes used as an emergency or auxiliary power unit.

Control part: all kinds of hydraulic motor rotor working pressure, total flow, azimuth and other pressure regulating valve, used to complete the implementation of the components of the moving rate, azimuth, mutual force and other manipulation, also used to complete the overpressure protection, system control, etc..

Implement part: hydraulic cylinder, oil motor, etc., to convert the liquid pressure energy into mechanical kinetic energy.

Auxiliary equipment: pipeline, energy storage device, filter device, fuel tank, cooling tower, electric heater, pressure gauge, steam flow meter, etc.

Hydraulic system can be separated system software and closed test system software according to the method of fluid circulation system. The characteristics of the open system software of the automobile hydraulic motor: the pump goes to the oil from the tank and enters the pipeline, and the oil goes back to the tank in the rear seat. The advantage is that the structure is simple, the heat is discharged, the response standard is good, and the application is widespread. The defect is that the tank volume is large, gas and oil touch more opportunities, very easy to penetrate.

The characteristics of the closed test system: the suction and drain port of the rotary hydraulic motor pump are immediately connected with the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic press components to produce a closed circulation system. To better compensate for spill damage, an auxiliary compensation gasoline pump and fuel tank are generally required. This type of model is characterized by small tank volume, compact structure, and less gas into the hydraulic oil. The defects are complicated system structure, standard deviation of heat discharge, and high overthinking precision, so it is seldom used.

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