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Want to reduce orbital motor loss? Everyone has a way!

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Want to reduce orbital motor loss? Everyone has a way!

The specific goal of cycloid hydraulic motor is to convert the hydraulic press into a rotating method, which is widely used in engineering construction, engineering machinery equipment, ship parts, petrochemical equipment, port cranes and other fields. Although cycloid hydraulic motor is a kind of implementation components, but in the daily application period do not have to ignore the cleaning and maintenance of the work, out for a long time, not only will lead to the XWM1 series of hydraulic motor common problems repeatedly, more serious cases will continue to cause cycloid hydraulic motor completely damaged.

To reduce the pressure loss of cycloid hydraulic motor, first from inside gradually, reduce the internal pressure loss of the system software at the same time to reduce the output power loss, to deal with this problem, can improve the pressure loss of the internal flow passage of components, the use of integrated control loop and casting flow passage, At the same time, XWM2 series hydraulic motor must reduce or clear the throttling loss of system software, as far as possible to reduce the total flow of non-safety necessary to prevent the use of throttling system software to adjust the flow and pressure.

In the use of raw materials, the use of negative pressure technology can be used to produce raw materials and new rubber seals, so that can reasonably reduce the cycloid hydraulic motor friction loss. When using the maintenance is not little, immediately maintenance cycloid hydraulic motor, avoid the pollution of the environment stability of the service life of the motor and cause harm, XWM3 series hydraulic motor should be development trend of new way of pollution monitoring, pollution to the environment to carry out online measurement, to adjust immediately, do not allow the backward, in case the lead to losses for disposal is not immediately. Cycloid hydraulic motor to reduce the pressure loss, must be manufacturers and customers work together, so as to avoid a greater degree of pressure loss, how to reduce the cycloid hydraulic motor consumption in the whole process of application.

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