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What are the key factors that harm orbital motor speed

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What are the key factors that harm orbital motor speed

What are the key factors that harm the speed of hydraulic motors

A, high integrated slewing bearing slewing bearing reducer reducer relatively highly integrated, slewing bearing reducer can drive parts and the load difference is dozens of times, but their specifications, especially the drive gear radial size difference is not large, the hydraulic swing motor advantages are beneficial to design the structure of the connecting parts flat string transmission system, That, in turn, made all machinery smaller.

Second, the safety factor of slewing bearing reducer gear and rack transmission device has the characteristics of self-locking in the opposite direction, can complete the self-locking in the opposite direction, that is, only by the vortex rod to promote the worm and worm, and can not be driven by the worm and worm rack fitness movement. The characteristics of the imported hydraulic motor promote the slewing bearing reducer can be widely used in lifting, high operations and other machinery and equipment, in improving the technical content of the server at the same time, but also enhance the safety of the server and work safety performance. Compared with traditional rotary products, slewing bearing reducer has the advantages of simple installation, easy maintenance, and hydraulic motor model saves indoor installation space in many aspects.

Three, simplify server design scheme of rotary bearing reducer compared with traditional transmission gear, gear and rack drive system can obtain corresponding larger transmission ratio, in some cases, can save reducer components for the server, and thus reduce the product cost for the customer, at the same time also greatly reduces the incidence of common failures by the server.

Low and stable speed of hydraulic motor is a key performance index of hydraulic motor manufacturers, which has simultaneous harm to the operating characteristics and service life of equipment. The influence factors of lower stable speed of hydraulic motor, and nMMIN value of lower stable working speed of hydraulic transmission system with hydraulic motor as driving force.

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