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What problems should orbital motor pay attention to when connecting?

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What problems should orbital motor pay attention to when connecting?

As we all know, the tooth shaft of the hydraulic motor is connected with the driving shaft of the pump (coaxial axis), which pushes the pump to turn when the XSM2 series hydraulic motor turns. Hydraulic motor is high pressure oil into low voltage oil out, pump is suction low voltage oil out of high pressure oil. Natural cycloid hydraulic motor is driven by other pumps, this kind of equipment is generally used in unique places, at the same time must also be special connection method, in connection should pay attention to what problems? To this question, the staff responded as follows.

Cycloid hydraulic motor is a hydraulic component that converts hydraulic energy into chemical energy. Before entering the hydraulic motor, the energy is hydraulic energy. Hydraulic energy is a kind of energy, and the enterprise is joule. But the energy is not easy to measure, it is not easy to measure verification, so the energy per unit time, the main parameter is called output power, and then dissolve the output power of the main parameter can be dissolved into the total flow and working pressure, so in the hydraulic energy of the total flow and load multiplied is the output power.

Cycloid hydraulic motor in order to better into the hydraulic oil, sends the hydraulic energy into, set oil hole, but outside the five-star XWM series motor only into the liquid is not good, a lot of the hydraulic oil into the motor and not discharged, will suppress explosive motor shell, motor because no energy into not only the transformation will not rotate, so will set the oil at the mouth, So the hydraulic oil into the motor and then out of the motor, complete the input of hydraulic energy, hydraulic oil is the medium of hydraulic energy.

Cycloid hydraulic motor type hydraulic energy into mechanical kinetic energy, mechanical energy is mainly on cycloid hydraulic motor rotation, the output of the main parameters through dissolving as the speed and torque, so the motor output shaft to connect mechanical equipment parts, is to promote the mechanical parts of rotation, so XSM3 series hydraulic motor is complete mechanical equipment energy output.

The oil edge of the cycloid hydraulic motor has two ways of external thread connection and plate connection. The external thread connection is usually M22X1.5, M33x2, G1/2, G1, and many of these flat plate connections. Most of the size of the flat plate connection is likely to follow the national standard. There are many ways to connect the output shaft, including shaft hole straight shaft, spline shaft straight shaft, and cone shaft. Select this connection method as far as possible in accordance with the motor factory inventory specifications to select, otherwise it belongs to custom goods, high price, long time.

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