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Working objective Principle: rotary hydraulic motor

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Working objective Principle: rotary hydraulic motor

Basic principle: the radial piston hydraulic motor as an example shows how the hydraulic motor can transform the mechanical kinetic energy of the hydraulic machine into a rotating method. Principle of radial piston hydraulic motor. Swash plate 1 and oil baffle plate 4 are fixed, and plunger 3 can be moved in the hole of cylinder block 2. Swash plate axis and cylinder block axis cross an inclination Angle δ. When the high pressure oil is matched with the oil baffle plate into the plunger hole of the cylinder block, the plunger of the high pressure chamber is pushed out and pressed on the swash plate. The recoil force F of the swash plate on the plunger of the wheel hydraulic motor dissolves into radial force Fx and vertical force Fy. Fx balances with the fluid pressure acting on the plunger, while Fy creates a torque that causes the cylinder block to rotate, propelling shaft 5 to rotate. The torque caused by the hydraulic motor should be the sum of all the torque caused by the plunger in the high pressure chamber, R - the spread of the plunger on the cylinder block circle half; θ -- the Angle of the vertical axis of the i-th plunger and the cylinder block.

It can be seen that with the change of Angle θ, the torque caused by the plunger of each vane hydraulic motor is changed, and the total torque of the hydraulic motor opening attack is also pulsating beverage.

In principle, the reverse hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor can be substituted between each other. However, under normal circumstances, the hydraulic pump without improvement is not suitable for hydraulic motor. This is also because of the consideration of pressure balance, automatic compensation of void sealing and other factors, the structure of the suction and discharge chamber of the hydraulic pump is not the same, only to rotate each other. But as a hydraulic motor, the general provisions of positive and reverse rotation, driving hydraulic motor structure symmetry. The pressure is rated pressure Pa, the higher pressure that can continue to operate according to experimental standards under all normal operation conditions. High pressure PmaxPa.

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