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Working principle of hydraulic transmission, about orbital motor

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Working principle of hydraulic transmission, about orbital motor

Motor housings and oil valve working pressure is stated, is generally oil valve working pressure beyond the trim work pressure, the pump would be labeled as motor stator ring to work, if work is casing pressure exceeds the oil valve working pressure, the pump will be pushed away from the motor stator ring, back to the inlet all change to high pressure, high pressure of work will pump into the motor stator ring, The noise caused by thunk, over time, will lead to a lot of pits in the motor stator ring, so that the motor quickly will not work.

The way to carry out the flow distribution of the spindle bearing of the machine tool is to punch an oil groove on the end cover of the rolling bearing, break through the minimum sealing cavity of the stator pair of the rotary motor, try it, if there is a tooth leakage when it is turned over, it is ok. Hydraulic motor speed selection of valve plate to carry out internal thread flow distribution, the flow distribution shaft and motor rotor connection, the motor stator pair installed, accurate measurement of the deep sealing cavity, if the minimum sealing cavity clockwise than the opposite direction of the cavity is positive, on the contrary, it is rotating.

There is no method to improve the speed ratio of the rotating electromagnetic coil oil motor:

Increase the flow rate to improve the transmission ratio, but more or less hurt its service life. If it is in the scope of its relatively large output power, then there is no problem, if the air pressure to achieve the rated working pressure, so that the transmission ratio rises, it is more than the gear hydraulic motor can bear the power category, of course, there is harm to the service life of the rotary line oil motor,

To improve the total flow rate is only relative to the relatively limited rate ratio, 500 to 900, it is recommended to replace the specification of the motor, the total flow rate of the rotary line oil motor is increased to a certain level, the rate ratio is not easy to excessive promotion, internal pressure rise, internal leakage expansion, hydraulic transmission motor efficiency immediately reduced, or motor damage.

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