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A2FM Angle Type Axial Piston Motor

The series 6 are used for oblique axial tapered plunger elements in open and closed circuits
  • A2FM

A2FM Angle Type Axial Piston Motor

The series 6 are used for oblique axial tapered plunger elements in open and closed circuits

This axial tapered plunger A2FM motor is suitable for open and closed hydrostatic transmission circuits. The output speed is directly proportional to the input flow and inversely proportional to the displacement.

The driving torque increases with the increase of pressure drop on the high and low pressure sides. The motor is suitable for walking machinery and industrial applications. The complete specification can be easily matched with a variety of applications.

A good power/weight ratio

One component is small in size

A better efficiency

Economical design

An integral conical plunger with a piston ring for sealing

A patented cylinder block drive system

Drilling rotary table

The efficiency is not the same in the manufacturing industry, oil motor application common problems drilling rotary table is important for commercial products workpiece drilling, milling, cutting, shaving master plan, etc. Customers have to choose the right drilling rotary table according to the diameter of raw materials for production and processing products; Tapping rotary table is in the commodity product workpiece has been produced and processed bottom hole, according to the structure of the hydraulic motor to produce and processed thread hole.

Tapping rotary table

Speed is not the same as this is the drilling rotary table and tapping rotary table is relatively big difference, compared to tapping rotary table, drilling rotary table speed is much higher than. Perforated rotary table can be used with cylinders or hydraulic system to move forward rotary table, tapping rotary table is not good. Try to set the forward speed according to its speed ratio, the motor principle of the hydraulic system motor according to the sample gauge or gear shaft as the interaction force forward and backward. Therefore, in daily use, drilling rotary table and tapping rotary table can not use the same speed to produce and process products.

Because of the difference between drilling rotary table and tapping rotary table speed ratio, solid can not use the same rotary table to drill tapping work.

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