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A2FO Positive Displacement Motor

A2FO plug type quantitative motor is a type of oblique shaft motor equipped with an axial conical plunger rotating body.
  • A2FO

A2FO Positive Displacement Motor

A2FO plug type quantitative motor is a type of oblique shaft motor equipped with an axial conical plunger rotating body.

It is designed for preferred installation on reducers such as track drives.

The mounting flange of the motor is designed in the middle of the motor housing, which allows the motor and the reducer to be integrated, making the structure quite compact.

One integral structure, reliable assembly, and qualified by inspection.

A convenient installation. Simply plug into the mechanical reducer.

There is no need to pay attention to installation tolerance during installation.

To reduce the use of hydraulic motor when the working pressure can be damaged, to slowly from inside, in reducing the system internal working pressure damage together to reduce power damage. To solve this problem, we can improve the working pressure damage of the flow channel inside the electronic device, adopt integrated control circuit and calcined flow channel. In addition, it is necessary to reduce or eliminate the damage of one-way throttle valve in the computer operating system, minimize the overflow of the non-safety factor, and avoid the application of one-way throttle valve system to control the flow and working pressure.

In the application of small hydraulic motor materials, the use of negative pressure professionally produced materials and new rubber seals can be applied, so as to effectively reduce friction damage. In application of maintenance is not little, immediately oil motor of equipment maintenance, prevent the air pollution harm the motor service life and reliability, to development new methods of pollution monitoring, automatic measurement and control system of air pollution, it should be adjusted immediately small hydraulic drive motors, are not allowed to fall behind, to prevent damage due to handling not immediately.

Cleaning process for oil motor

Hydraulic torque converter manufacturers in the real is really put into use before generally must be cleaned, cleaning is also to remove residual environmental pollution chemicals in 3000 RPM hydraulic motor. Metallic shavings. Synthetic fibre compounds. Transformer cores, etc., can cause a series of common problems, if not completely damage the motor, in the progressive two-hour operation. Therefore, the following steps must be followed to remove the main oil channel of the motor:

1. Hydraulic transmission system motor manufacturers clean the vehicle tank with an easy-to-dry cleaning saturated solution and remove the organic solution residue with filtered steam body.

2. Push the oil motor manufacturer to remove all the pipes of the motor. In some cases, it is necessary to prepreg the pipes and sockets.

3. Oil filter on the pipeline to maintain the pipeline and the working pressure pipeline brought by the valve.

4. Place a cleaning plate on the collector to replace precision machined valves, such as electro-hydraulic servo valves.

5. Check that all piping specifications and models are appropriate and properly connected. High speed and high torque hydraulic motors need special attention.

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