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GFT-W Winch Reducer

Hydrostatic winch reducer MOBILEX GFT-W is the ideal driving device for winch mechanism. Reliable and perfect performance under very harsh operating conditions.
  • GFT-W

GFT-W Winch Reducer

Hydrostatic winch reducer MOBILEX GFT-W is the ideal driving device for winch mechanism. Reliable and perfect performance under very harsh operating conditions. MOBILEX GFT-W winch reducer is suitable for all existing winch equipment, such as automobiles and crawler cranes.

Railway crane, ship deck, wharf and container crane, etc. Because its structure design is very compact, it can be installed directly inside the drum. Besides saving space, it is also easy to install. Surface hardened gear and hardened inner ring, combined with high precision machining process, make the equipment work with low noise and high reliability and durability. The gear design is based on industry standards and meets the robustness calculations made by our company. The design brings together our extensive professional experience for many years. Perfect match with our company's modern manufacturing technology.

Through the use of rexroth plug-in motor and other methods, the total efficiency of the reducer is particularly excellent. The driver devices described in this product catalog are still under optimization and further development at any time. Other transmission ratio, size and power equipment can be customized according to specific requirements. Users are welcome to contact us in the project planning stage, according to your special needs for application consulting, in order to determine the ideal transmission solution. Comprehensive observation and analysis of the development of China's reducer market, so far on the market all kinds of reducer consumption is not the same. Micro-reducer, as a special type of reducer, has its unique market prospects. I believe that with some mechanical products gradually to lightweight, simple, the market of miniature reducer may become more and more open.

The miniature reducer has a smaller volume, so the device and design of the internal structure have become more precise and compact. Relative to the larger volume of the reducer, the micro reducer to achieve the reducer reducer is more difficult. Because the reducer is driven by electricity, making the reducer smaller means that the motor of the reducer internal structure should be designed to be more simple and compact. But the motor produced in China because of the demand of the domestic market, the design of the motor from the appearance of the volume is relatively large. Compared with foreign large motor, the consumption of raw materials, production costs are also higher, because of the motor, the volume of reducer is bound to be larger. In order to make the micro-reducer can meet the actual requirements of application scenarios, we should speed up the motor with smaller volume and stronger power. In the gear transmission, how to better gear maintenance has been a problem that puzzles the development of micro reducer.

Because the design of micro reducer becomes more precise, so the friction generated by the gear in the process of operation is larger, lubrication has become a key problem in the process of operation. Up to now, the research in this field is in progress, and it is believed that with the continuous optimization of the design, this problem will be solved completely.

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