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XYH Hydraulic Rotary Device

Hydraulic rotary equipment consists of a variety of self-regulating valve and planetary reducer, can also be used for gear shaft drive.
  • XYH

Hydraulic rotary equipment consists of a variety of self-regulating valve and planetary reducer, can also be used for gear shaft drive. It has small radial specifications, reliable braking system, the shaft can bear a large radial and radial external force, high operating efficiency, low speed reliability, high transmission system efficiency, low noise, good rationality and other characteristics. It can be widely used in engineering construction, walking machinery, truck crane, railway locomotive traction belt, ships, oil and gas drilling engineering, coal mining, light industry and other mechanical transmission mechanism.

Overview of the working principle of hydraulic transmission rotary device: it is to use all levels of gear transmission to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. Reducer is composed of gear pairs at all levels. For example, the small gear can drive the big gear to achieve a certain purpose of deceleration, and then use multi-level such structure, you can greatly reduce the speed of the. Slewing reducer is generally used in low speed high torque transmission device, the electric motor, internal combustion engine, or other high speed operating of power on the input shaft of the reducer less teeth on the gear engagement output shaft of the big gear reduction to achieve the purpose of, ordinary there is few on the same principle of gear reducer and achieve ideal reduction effect, the ratio of the size of the number of teeth on the gear, the transmission ratio. Rotary reducer is a power transmission mechanism, the use of gear speed converter, the number of motor rotation to the desired number of rotation, and get a larger torque mechanism.

The role of hydraulic transmission rotary device: In the present that is used to transfer power and movement speed reducer application scope is quite widespread, in almost all kinds of hydraulic drive system can see traces of it, from the transport ships, automobiles, locomotives, construction of heavy machinery, processing machinery and automated production equipment used in the machinery industry, to the daily life of common household appliances, watches and clocks, and so on. Its application from large power transmission work, to small load, precise Angle transmission can be seen in the application of rotary reducer, and in industrial applications, rotary reducer has deceleration and increase torque function, so it is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.

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