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Oms(e)08 Motor for Skid Steer Loader

What are the advantages of hydraulic motors in terms of performance?
  • OMS(E)08

Oms(e)08 Motor for Skid Steer LoaderOms(e)08 Motor for Skid Steer Loader

What are the advantages of hydraulic motors in terms of performance? Next, we will specifically talk about the performance of the powerful hydraulic motor:

The piston and engine cylinder block with broken piston ring sealing, no leakage, so with high capacity and high efficiency.

② Because the piston and the swing cylinder will not have side force, the bottom of the piston is negative pressure balance, the piston and the engine crankshaft use bearings to transmit the distance, so the swing cylinder motor has high mechanical energy and running distance.

③ Swing cylinder motor because of the structure to reduce friction damage, improve the sealing performance, so the low speed stable performance is good, can be in a very low revolution (less than LR /min) stable operation, and the variable speed range, rate control ratio can reach 1000.

(4) because the cycloid motor structure is simple, the design scheme is effective (no crankshaft, reduce the motor axial specifications and their own weight, the selection of large load level roller bearings), so small, light quality, reliable in work, long service life.

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