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OMS50 Motor for Mini Excavator

Hydraulic motor structure improvement new direction: improve the role of each hydraulic system.
  • OMS50


Hydraulic motor structure improvement new direction: improve the role of each hydraulic system. Carry out the common faults of hydraulic ramps and carry out the active maintenance technology. Try to make the cycloid gear hydraulic motor detection intelligent, strengthen the expert system research and development of scientific research, set up a detailed, authoritative expert knowledge base with learning and training role, and use software and knowledge base in the professional knowledge, calculate the cause of common faults, clearly put forward maintenance plan and preventive measures. To further develop the design of hydraulic pull fault detection expert system universal software tools, the development and design of hydraulic pull self-compensation system software, including self-regulation, self-calibration, in the problem before the compensation, which is also the field of hydraulic press diligence orientation.

Hydraulic press technology in the mechanical kinetic energy into work pressure energy and reverse conversion process, there is always kinetic energy consumption. In order to reduce the loss of kinetic energy, try to deal with the following problems: reduce the internal working pressure loss of components and operating system to reduce the output power loss; Reduce or clear the throttle valve loss of hydraulic pull, as far as possible to reduce the total flow is not necessary for safety; Using negative pressure technology and the latest sealing materials to reduce friction loss; To improve the hydraulic pulling function, load sensor system software, secondary adjustment system software and energy storage controller control loop are adopted.

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