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Orbital motor hydraulic transmission advantages

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Orbital motor hydraulic transmission advantages

Hydraulic transmission with torque converter to replace the clutch in the transmission gear, with a step by step variable professional ability. It is characterized by a hyperbolic output torsion-speed ratio, and the driving force shift mechanical transmission can automatically match the load and prevent the driving force transmission load. Torque converter output power is particularly large and the load stress field is low, many production costs are not high characteristics so that it is widely used in large and small shovel digging machinery equipment, lifting equipment and transportation equipment field and cars, anti-tank and other rapid vehicles.

Compare with the mechanical structure. Hydraulic transmission is easier to control the basic parameters (flow) of the driving force and the basic parameters (pressure) of the hydraulic synchronous shunt motor. Compared with the hydraulic transmission, the hydraulic transmission has high quality low-speed load characteristics. Because of the high transmission efficiency, constant power output control can be carried out, power application is abundant, the system architecture is simple, the output speed than the stepless speed, can be positive, reverse operation, speed bending stiffness, attitude is easy to show the advantages, hydraulic transmission in mechanical equipment has been widely used.

With pure mechanical equipment and hydraulic transmission in comparison, the actual advantages of hydraulic transmission is its adjustment convenience and 90 layout adjustment of hydraulic motor coordination, according to the project to the configuration and operation of mechanical equipment, the engine, the axis of rotation, work organization and so on various prefabricated allocation respectively in a reasonable place, the engine at any speed than work under the production management, The driveline system can generate very large driving force, and the driveline system can maintain high efficiency over a wide range of output speed ratio, and can easily and quickly obtain a variety of enhanced driving force transmission characteristics, to achieve a variety of MS hydraulic motor operating load conditions. The four-column hydraulic press with closed oil test channel, which is used in the high speed traveling machinery equipment, promotes the machine and equipment to be able to continuously change speed, so that the vehicle can develop gently, change speed quickly and change driving direction without damaging.

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