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STFC080/100 Motor for Raise-bore Machine

STFC series hydraulic motors are based on the advantages of static pressure balance of crankshaft and connecting rod type hydraulic motors at home and abroad, through continuous test, improvement and improvement.
  • STFC080/100


STFC series hydraulic motors are based on the advantages of static pressure balance of crankshaft and connecting rod type hydraulic motors at home and abroad, through continuous test, improvement and improvement. This series motor shell has high strength and large bearing capacity of internal dynamic components. Due to the form of static pressure balance, internal friction is reduced, thus reducing heat generation and associated negative effects.

STFC series hydraulic motors can be widely used in the hydraulic transmission system of plastic machinery, ship deck machinery, mining construction machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, heavy metal treatment machinery, oil and coal mining machinery, machine tools, light industry equipment, drilling and other machinery. Especially used in screw drive of injection molding machine, lifting capstan, drum drive, drive of various rotary machinery and other transmission machinery.

Product features

· Due to the design of static pressure balance of plunger, connecting rod and eccentric sleeve, the friction force between connecting rod and eccentric sleeve and the lateral force of plunger body are reduced, and the contact specific pressure of ball hinge pair is reduced, which all reduce the friction loss in the transmission process. So STFC series hydraulic

The motor has the characteristics of high mechanical efficiency and high starting torque (mechanical efficiency above 0.90 when starting);

· The axial valve with static pressure balance technology prevents the tilt of the valve, has good sealing performance and less leakage, and can work continuously under high pressure (higher pressure up to 29MPa);

· The sealing ring adopts special material and structure to reduce leakage and improve volume efficiency;

· The main transmission parts of the motor adopt special materials and advanced heat treatment process to improve the overall service life;

· The shape and installation size of this series of motors are basically the same as the original Staffa, and the performance parameters are similar to the original Staffa, so it is the ideal choice to replace the imported Staffa motors.

The winch structure type of the series products has the characteristics of compact light weight, beautiful and generous motor hydraulic valve design, and has the characteristics of good safety factor, high efficiency, large starting torque, good reliability of low speed, low noise and reliable practical operation. In this paper, a fuzzy control strategy based on BP neural network prediction is proposed for the relative high nonlinearity, friction, leakage and other variability of continuous rotary motor, which seriously affect the tracking characteristics of operating system. This control method USES the BP neural network predicting the export of the servo system, and calculates the forecast derived and given type between the elastic coefficient of deviation and error in the future, according to authoritative expert experience fuzzy control standard allocation electro-hydraulic servo system, design of fuzzy controller, and then adjust the volume of electro-hydraulic servo system control, complete parts of continuous rotary electro-hydraulic servo motor Real-time tracking of. According to Simulink simulation simulation shows that the fuzzy control predicted by BP neural network is compared with the traditional PID control, which reasonably enhances the position tracking precision and anti-interference of the electro-hydraulic servo system, reduces the reaction time, and expands the response frequency band of the system software.

Application scope:

1 rescue and road clearance;

2. Construction machinery;

3. Mining machinery;

4. Forestry division;

5. Oil industry. Rotary drilling hydraulic motor is also suitable.

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