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Gearbox Repair: What To Do In The Event That Your Gearbox Breaks?

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Gearbox Repair: What To Do In The Event That Your Gearbox Breaks?

There is no way to avoid the unavoidable wear and tear that occurs when machinery is used in industrial settings that are characterized by high temperatures, rapid speeds, outdoor dirt, or rough washdowns. Deterioration occurs in even the highest-quality components over time.Even though right angle gearboxes often require very little maintenance, it is still important to know how to assess whether a gearbox repair or replacement is required in the event that something goes wrong.

It is in your best interest to discover growing problems as soon as possible in order to increase the likelihood of preventing an expensive and untimely gearbox failure. In addition, emerging problems may lead gearbox components to deviate from their specifications, which results in a decrease in performance and speeds up the progression of additional damage. For the purpose of diagnosing gearbox problems, the following are some symptoms to keep an eye out for and steps that you can take.

Severe Heat

This problem is the most common one that occurs with industrial gearboxes. An excessive amount of internal friction is typically the result of work gears or bearings that have been misplaced or that have not been adequately lubricated. The following are indications of overheating:

1.The transmission is being heated up. Refrain from touching it in any way! Experiment with spritzing some water on the housing or shaft and seeing whether the water immediately evaporates or "sizzles." What happens?

2.The housing has paint that is flaking off or become a different hue.

3.Any components that are made of plastic that has been changed.

4.Lubrication is provided by grease that is discolored (or there is not enough fluid present).


This might result in a decrease in gearbox efficiency, which can eventually lead to bearing damage and an early failure of the gearbox. Lubricating grease leaks can be caused by faulty gaskets or seals. Damaged shaft seals represent a potential entry point for water and other contaminants into the gearbox.

Inconsistency In Alignment

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Incorrect connection and vibration are two of the potential causes of component misalignment. Wear can also contribute to this issue over time. Due to the fact that poor orientation of the gearbox results in an increased risk of contamination, problems may occur during the mounting process. Bearings are susceptible to damage from even the smallest particles. If the gears are not aligned properly, the teeth will have pitting at one end of their teeth.

Misalignment can also be the consequence of external heat expansion, which can be caused by the gearbox being situated too close to a source of high heat, or it can be the result of recurrent transient thermal expansion that occurs during the startup process.


It is possible that gearboxes will produce noise while they are running; however, if the noise is excessive, it is an indicator that there is a problem. Gearboxes are a type of gearbox. Is there any sound that it produces that may be described as rattling or squeaking with similar characteristics? It is more accurate to say that the gear components are "banging" against one another rather than meshing with one another in a smooth manner. This is due to the fact that they are not in harmonious rhythm with one another. Due to the fact that the gear components are not in sync with one another, this is the result. As soon as possible, it is vital to replace any damaged parts in the gearbox. This will help you avoid the need to repair the gearbox in a more comprehensive manner.

Unexpected Weight Gains

Right angle gearboxes are manufactured according to a predetermined set of demands for a particular load. There is a possibility that the gears or the bearings could be destroyed if there is an unexpected amount of power or torque.

For the purpose of providing support for the shafting on all sides of the gearbox, it is recommended that external bearing blocks be utilized throughout the installation process. Internal gearbox bearings are exclusively designed to handle internal loads, hence they are unable to withstand additional exterior radial or thrust stresses. These bearings primarily manage internal loads. Due to its inability to withstand external loads, the gearbox will have a shorter lifespan and will perform less efficiently.

If you notice any of these evident signs of damage, please go to our Maintenance and Repair Guides for additional information. It is vital to take action as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage from occurring.

Prevention Is The Most Economical Strategy

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Your gearboxes put in a lot of work; the more tender loving care you give them, the longer they will last and the better they will function. Right angle gearboxes are quite versatile, which is one reason why they are utilized so frequently in industrial settings. Some preventive maintenance is also required for them, even if they do not require a significant amount of it. Over the course of time, you can save both time and money by devoting the necessary amount of time to ensure that processes continue to function correctly.

1.It is possible that regular inspections, in addition to revealing problems with internal bearings, bolts, and other components, could identify problems that contribute to damaged seals. Be sure to look for any signs of gear wear and any grease leaks that may be present.

2.Check the alignment twice twice.

3. Search for signs that might indicate the accumulation of heat.

4.In order to protect the gearbox from any potential impurities, it is important to clean it on a regular basis. The use of solvents for the purpose of cleaning any internal or external components is strictly prohibited. Examine the gearbox to ensure that it is properly lubricated.

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