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Selecting The Medium Speed Application For A Hydraulic Motor

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Selecting The Medium Speed Application For A Hydraulic Motor

A motor that could spin at roughly 1000 RPM and produce 40 HP at 40 GPM of hydraulic flow was required by an OEM customer. It required an SAE 2 or 4-bolt mounting pad and a keyed shaft because it was mounted to a gearbox. Because a gear motor could be quickly adapted to the application and could manage a wide range of flow rates and speeds, that is why we chose it. Our gearbox could easily accommodate the shaft when the mounting was adjusted to our location. In a matter of weeks, the samples were put on the apparatus.

Up until we took the equipment out into the field and started using it, every test proceeded smoothly. The equipment was unable to cope with a workload that was relatively heavy. The machine's operator had to reduce speed to prevent the diesel engine from stalling.They lacked the OOOMPH necessary to finish the task.

The OEM was informed by a vendor that their diesel engine was too small to do the necessary tasks. The OEM thought there was enough horsepower (HP), but it wasn't being used effectively. The control system and the hydraulic parts were using HP. It would be absurd to increase the HP being applied to this machine without first analyzing the data.

The OEM and Xincan Company examined a number of variables and verified pressures and flows together. We conducted some investigative work and found that the main hydraulic motor was not producing the anticipated amount of power.

After speaking with the gear motor manufacturer, I learned that, although we were running the motor at a flow and RPM of over 42 HP, we were only producing roughly 32 HP of output power.At 1000 RPM, the OEM's motor was inefficient and lost more than 20% of the input power!This might not be an issue if we had a lot of power, but we only have 85 HP. In an 85 HP machine, losing 10 HP is a significant loss. You must be aware of your options in order to make the greatest choice.

Motors And Pumps Powered By Gears

Consider the manufacturing process of a gear product. The gears are machined to an incredibly tight tolerance and are then "run in," which causes the gears to machine themselves. In order to enable the pump or motor to run at the rated pressure and speed, sufficient material must be removed by running the gears at a speed and pressure that functions as a final machining operation. When the product is run below its maximum, the efficiency will decrease since the gear clearance is set at its maximum. OEM buyers that buy in large quantities may request that the gear items be "run in" with particular flow and pressures, which will improve the product's overall effectiveness. The majority of consumers receive products that are configured to catalog or default specs.

Pumps And Motors Powered By Pistons

A2FE High Speed Motor

The pistons of a piston product are machined to predetermined tolerances. The product's design and piston count will determine how much leakage or inefficiency there is. It should be consistent and kept to a minimum. A piston product requires more precise machining and more parts, which increases the cost.

Products For Axial And Bent Axis Pistons

Products with axial pistons have a piston that strokes parallel to the drive shaft while rotating in a circle. You may change the displacement of the pump or motor by altering the piston's size and stroke. Similar goods are called bent axis products, but they use a revolving group that is angled toward the output shaft. Compared to the axial piston, the bent axis rotating group has a sharper angle. Smaller pistons can be used in the bent axis product to achieve the same total displacement as the axial products thanks to the extra stroke.

Diamant Piston Items

Additionally, radial piston products exist. The stroking piston acts perpendicular to the drive shaft when there is a radial piston product. Very large pistons can be used because of the radial design. These can be used in applications that are very huge, very sluggish, and high torque. A very high torque output operating smoothly at 1 to 5 rotations per minute without the need for a gearbox is possible with this kind of motor.

Make The Necessary Changes

Prototyping a new process teaches us facts about the equipment that might inform our choices of designs and products, but pride and cost may prevent us from implementing these improvements. At times, it's preferable to start over and start over, but other times, the idea is good and only needs to be adjusted.

The gear motor would be a wise option because of the increased overall efficiency at greater RPM and pressure. Gear goods are incredibly durable and require very little maintenance.Nonetheless, the gear motor is not the ideal option for this application.Although the speeds of these low-speed, high-torque motors were too slow for our purpose, and our gearbox was not available in any other ratio, they are still a viable option.

We choose to switch to a piston motor with a bent axis. We will be able to use roughly 94% of the total input power thanks to the bent axis motor.Although there are less mounting, shaft, and port options for the motor, we were still able to make it work. The bent axis works well for our application even if it doesn't call for high pressure or speed, which the bent axis unit can provide.

Make The Best Choices For The Final Consumer

OMS83 Motor for Road Sweeper

Furthermore, we use an open-circuit load sense hydraulic pump that regulates several motor speeds in response to a manifold's orifice size. The control manifold's total efficiency may not be known, but the OEM has experienced problems getting the system to restart after stalling. The decision was made to run the main motor through a closed-circuit hydraulic gearbox instead. The motor will have a mechanically direct link between its on and off positions, and the closed-loop system will operate at a very high efficiency. Now, fixed displacement gear pumps, on/off solenoid valves, and unloading valves will manage the auxiliary functions.

We prototype a machine before going into production, even though it is expensive to remove a perfectly good pump, motor, and manifold from a machine. We gained important knowledge. We improved the performance of our machine.For the final user, this improved machine version will offer superior value. Because the machine can now do more work faster, we were able to make it easier to sell! We were able to restore our OOOMPH without purchasing a bigger engine!

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