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Seven Mistakes To Avoid Making With Your Skid Steer Auger Bits

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Seven Mistakes To Avoid Making With Your Skid Steer Auger Bits

Your skid steer loader is comparable to an enormous, incredibly potent Swiss Army Knife. When fitted with the appropriate attachments, it can do almost anything: lift, load, dig, pull, break, clear, and sweep.

A tiny skid steer auger drive is the perfect attachment for digging straight, deep holes—particularly for planting trees and installing fenceposts, signposts, and pilings.

However, in order for skid steer augers and bits to function correctly, they need to be maintained sometimes, just like any other heavy gear.

Here are seven things you should never do with your skid steer auger bits if you want them to last, while we have your attention.

1.Use The Appropriate Auger For The Task

We produce a range of distinct skid steer auger bits for a reason. It is because each of them has a unique area of expertise.

For example, our HTF-style tree planting auger bits are designed to make it simple to dig wide holes in relatively light, loamy, friable soil, allowing you to plant and position root balls effectively.

Conversely, there are rock-style bits that are made to withstand the hardest digging conditions, including freezing ground, cracked rock, and even solid rock.

Still, they excavate somewhat little holes. Can holes be dug for root balls using a rock auger bit? Yes, if you enjoy hitting your head against objects. It is a pointless course.

Similarly, you should not use our tree parts to dig through frozen ground or rock. It won't work out well; you could break the auger driving mechanism as well as the teeth and flights.

Yes, much like all of our skid steer attachments, our heavy-duty augers will never give up. It doesn't mean, however, that you should use them carelessly. Use the appropriate tool for the job at all times. As they say, work smarter, not harder.

2.Remember To Clean Your Kid Steer Auger Bits Before Putting Them In Storage

ADH 10t 23t Auger Drive on Tractors

After spending a long day in the field, it could be tempting to just take the skid steer to the shed and leave it there. Even worst would be to simply cover it with a sheet to protect it from the heat and rain, pack it up, and leave.

However, this is a surefire way to ruin your skid steer auger bits, particularly if you were operating in a damp environment.

Even though our skid steer augers and bits are made of durable materials, corrosion can still affect them.

Excavation, particularly in damp circumstances, and the accumulation of sand and mud on the soil will retain moisture and salts, which will severely damage the bits and the auger drive.

You'll most likely be met with an enormous amount of rust when you return to it later.

Thus, develop the habit of washing your auger pieces and letting them dry before covering them before storing. Even if they are clean, leaving them damp is not a smart idea.

3.Remember To Inspect Every Fastener Before Using It

It is important to thoroughly examine all nuts, pins, and fasteners prior to using the skid steer and auger driving unit.

Handling a loose bolt, pin, or fastener can seriously harm the bit or your skid steer auger driving unit. You might, at most, damage the bit, in which case you would have to replace it too soon.

Make sure to inspect the bolts used to secure the teeth before using them, as they can come free and cause harm to the auger bit's ability to secure a new tooth in addition to shearing it off.

Having said that,

4.Replace Skid Steer Auger Teeth As Soon As They Get Worn

Because the teeth on our skid steer auger bits are bolt-on and interchangeable, you are able to replace them whenever they become worn out.

Make sure that you perform a comprehensive inspection of any and all fasteners, including tooth bolts, before you use them. Not only should you examine for regular wear and dullness on the teeth, but you should also look for wear signs on the teeth, such as chips or cracks.

Worn or damaged teeth will, at best, demand you to work harder and for a longer period of time; at worst, they will place unneeded strain on your auger drive unit. In order to cut through the soil more effectively, you will need to work harder and for a longer period of time.

In terms of their function, they are interchangeable. Put your best foot forward.

5.Avoid Storing Your Auger Attachment And Skid Steer Outside

Avoid storing your skid steer auger parts outside if at all possible. In fact, since they are connected to your auger drive unit and thus to your skid steer, don't leave the entire assembly outside.

Your skid steer and any accessories you use can get damaged by sunlight, ice, dampness, and depending on where you live, even strong winds. Thus, keep it covered whenever possible; a hangar, bay, or shed work well for this.

We comprehend. There are instances when you are powerless. If storing it outside is necessary, completely cover it with a tarp and secure the sides with bricks, stones, or sandbags. This will assist in shielding the equipment from sun and water damage.

ADH 17t 35t Auger Drive on Backhoe

6.Avoid Storing Your Skid Steer Anywhere Where Kids Might Be Around

In addition, you should not keep your skid steer machine in a location where children might be present when you are not present. This applies whether you are storing it inside or outside (under cover).

Neither children nor unaccompanied children should be allowed to use heavy machinery as a toy or as a plaything, and skid steers should not be utilized in conjunction with heavy machinery. Use caution when selecting a site for your storage.

7.Always Follow The Safety Instructions In Your Owner's Manual

A general piece of advise that should not be ignored. Your owner's manual, which is packed with detailed information, has an excessive number of safe operating guidelines, some of which are specific to each type of attachment.Whatever the case may be, you must ensure that you strictly stick to each one. They are present for a predetermined cause.

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