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Analysis of wear resistance of orbital motor

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Analysis of wear resistance of orbital motor

Cycloid hydraulic motor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, compact structure; Wide speed coverage, no need for speed regulation organization; Low operating pressure, convenient commutation; In the hydraulic transmission system can choose series and parallel applications; By the sealing operation mode, can bear higher negative pressure, to ensure no leakage of the motor.

Cycloid hydraulic motor shows that: high pressure refers to the channel large bearing capacity, rated pressure refers to the pressure difference in the work, not at the same time in large speed and large working pressure under the operation of the motor, large working standard allows continuous time is 6 seconds, strongly recommended with edible oil: Anti-wear hydraulic oil, viscosity 37~ 73CST hydraulic oil cleanliness ISO18/13, high working temperature 80℃, before the full load of the motor, must be in 0% rated working pressure running period of more than 1 hour, reliable sealing operation mode, the large back pressure allowed by the motor can reach 7Mpa, but in order to get a better service life and comprehensive type of energy, It is strongly recommended that the back pressure should not exceed 3.5mpa. If it exceeds, it is suggested to connect the drain pipe. When connecting the drain pipe, the motor should always be filled with oil. The drain line shall have a throttle valve to maintain a back pressure of 0.35Mpa or more. In addition to maintaining a lower back pressure, connecting the leakage pipe can also remove the environmental pollution caused by the damage in the motor, and can cause a certain cooling effect of THE CA50 series hydraulic motor.

Cycloid hydraulic motor is a medium and small speed hydraulic motor with large torque, and it is the auxiliary type of a fixed rotor motor with axial flow distribution insert teeth. Its advantages are as follows: 1. It is small and light, much smaller than other hydraulic motors with the same torque. 2. Wide speed coverage, infinitely variable speed, low and steady speed up to 15 RPM, convenient installation layout, low project investment cost. 3 in the hydraulic transmission system can be serial application, also can be connected to the application. 4 rotary inertia force is small, it is very easy to start under load, positive and negative rotation can be applied, and there is no need to shut down when switching.

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