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Common rotary hydraulic motor troubleshooting and solutions

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Common rotary hydraulic motor troubleshooting and solutions

1, sealant ring damage

The silica gel ring should be analyzed specifically. If it is due to cutting the silica gel ring on the assembly line, the rotary plate pump shoulder should be removed quickly and then put into the seal. The silica gel ring long-term bearing capacity deformation and thermal deformation in the application process, and XSM7 series hydraulic motor silica gel ring bearing capacity deformation should be removed and installed silica gel ring, in addition to thermal deformation should be removed and installed silica gel ring should also remove the root cause of sealant ring caused by overtemperature.

2. The left and right cover paper pad is cracked or the screw is not tightened

The damage of the left and right cover paper pad should be checked whether it is caused by excessive friction of the oil valve. Only after removing the XWM2 series hydraulic motor for this reason can the oil leakage problem be completely eliminated by changing the paper pad. Note: the return pipeline line should not be too thin or too long, nor should there be dead bend, and the general oil valve friction should not exceed 0.5mpa. According to the analysis report of FP175 control board, the diameter of the return pipeline line should be around ∮25mm, and the length should not be higher than 1 meter. In addition, we should pay attention to whether the oil filter is blocked. To remove the oil leakage caused by screw loosening, check whether the paper pad is damaged before tightening the screw, otherwise it is easy to cause maintenance. Because the friction of the oil valve of the system software is too high, oil leakage even leads to the split of the lower cover of the FP175 control panel, resulting in oil leakage.

3. It has sand holes

There are not many sand holes in the oil motor itself. Most of the oil leakage caused by the sand hole of the oil motor itself is not easy to detect in the short term, and may occur after the application of high ambient temperature or high pressure of the hydraulic transmission system. At this time, it is necessary to remove the XWM3 series hydraulic motor work safety hazards.

4, less silica gel ring

Before assembling the multi-way valve sheet, a small amount of plant butter should be applied to the pickling tank of the oil motor with the pressure opening machine, so as to avoid falling out of the silica gel ring due to scraping and touching when assembling, resulting in less installation of the silica gel ring of the oil motor.

5, the silica gel ring pickling tank has metal composite material debris and other unlucky

Silicone ring pickling bath whammy lead to leakage of oil motor, without any of the silica gel circle are unloaded check, can use finger to touch the silicone outside surface and the observation with the eye, which a high silica gel circles have suddenly think, affirmation is the silicone ring with silicone ring groove center exists blemish, can use the scriber, indispensable and twist again when the silicon enclosure foot screws.

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