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Design hydraulic transmission system steps of rotary hydraulic motor

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Design hydraulic transmission system steps of rotary hydraulic motor

Design hydraulic transmission system steps of rotary hydraulic motor

1, clear work requirements of the hydraulic transmission system, is the basis of the design of the hydraulic transmission system.

2. Draw up the hydraulic transmission system diagram. (1) According to the movement form of working parts, choose hydraulic steering motor hydraulic actuator rationally; (2) According to the performance requirements and action sequence of working parts, list all kinds of basic circuits that may be realized. At this time, attention should be paid to the selection of appropriate speed control scheme, speed change scheme, determine the safety measures and unloading measures, to ensure the completion of the hydrostatic motor automatic working cycle.

After the hydraulic transmission scheme is drawn up, formal schematic diagrams shall be drawn according to the graphic symbols specified in regional standards. The diagram should be marked out the model specifications of the hydraulic components, there should also be the action cycle diagram of the executive components and the action cycle table of the electrical components, at the same time to list the standard (or general) components and auxiliary components list.

3, calculate the main parameters of the hydraulic system and choose homemade hydraulic motor hydraulic components.

4. Check the necessary hydraulic system.

5. Structural design of hydraulic device.

6. Draw working drawings of hydraulic system and prepare technical documents. Design of hydraulic transmission system should pay attention to the problem: in the combination of basic circuits, attention should be paid to prevent mutual interference between circuits, to ensure the normal working cycle. In order to improve the efficiency of the system, prevent system overheating. For example, small power, available throttle speed control system; Large power, the application of volume speed regulation system; Often parking brake, should make the pump can be unloaded in time; High efficiency loops such as accumulators or pressure compensated variable pumps should be considered in systems where the rate of fuel consumption varies widely in each working cycle.

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